Wednesday, May 03, 2006

muthaf*ckin midw*ves

Ayo only 3am. 4 hrs to go till morning visite (rounds). Then 6 hrs of polyclinic before I can retire home and go to sleep: real sleep with a bed, egyptian-cotton sateen sheets and fleece blanket. Actually I did power nap around 3 hrs or so 'cos I had a throbbing headache and a lousy mood. This mid-wife SCUM-SUCKING *HO** stole my delivery!! Me so pissed off. Damn, I mean, I was observing the lady since 11am yesterday and 5 hrs later when she FINALLY decides to have the baby, that b*tch went and took my parturition!! Sebelll!! Gerammm!! There I stood with my apron, all gloved up and all... just watching her tug the kid out. Watch NOT do. PISSED off!! So this is what everyone, who previously 'kena', been warning me about. M*chauha*-chauch*ba*!! No wonder everyone hates the midwives from Astana Anyar. Freakin' thieves!! I don't bloody care that they have a delivery quota, they get to spend months here while I only have a week. Thank goodness before Dr Amran left on Sunday, he allowed me to perform a vacume extraction delivery and episiotomy suturing. That will probably be all the tasks I ever get done this trip here. I've decided to boycott the g*ddamn Delivery Room. I'm gonna hang out in the Emergency Room instead during 'jaga', 'cos here at least I get to do something that matters like internal examination to establish cervical dilatation and if I'm really lucky, someone would be fully dilated and deliver here instead. I mean, like, wahhh waktu di VK, kalo gw mau PD setelah di-PD si bidan dan anak-anak akbid pasti tegurin gw terus-terusan karena gak empatis sama pasien apa-apa itu macam deh. Tapi kok kalo gw udah pada PD, bisa pula si bidan nyuruh yg laen-laen cocok jari mereka ke dalam jalan lahir si ibu itu. Eeee gak tegar deh gw!! Bete abis-abisannn!! ANGRY BANGET.

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