Friday, May 05, 2006

miss khaikhai masuk hospital

Everyone knows I have this great BIG mammoth phobia for accidents / bad things that involve surgeries. At least ever since Surgery department. The thought of me being wheeled into the ER all unconscious or semi-conscious, thrashing or moaning aloud while everyone hovers over me like scientists sends me into painful shudders. The WORST is having them whip out their snipping shears and cutting through my favourite Abercrombies only to reveal grimy cotton underwear!! I have since switched all my knickers to HOT sexy sh*t so I won’t lose face if I ever got run down by a truck. I mean, like, almost EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE: consultants, residents, interns and nurses, know me. They do. Maybe it’s time like so that I don’t think I’d really wanna covet this much of attention. Everyone would see me lumps and humps. OH NOOOOOOOO!! Horrors of horrors!! Yearghhh!!!!! So anyways Miss KhaiKhai had appendicitis and was scheduled for surgery. I had only found out about her after returning from Astana Anyar Maternity Hospital. Nobody bothered to tell me. Abit the pissed about that. Anyway Miss KhaiKhai’s all good now. She had an endoscopic procedure which only left her with 2 holes in her belly so that’s alright :)

Aduh, let’s hope sh*t like this never happens to me!!

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