Sunday, May 14, 2006

i'm FAT and it sucks

I absolutely HATE this horrible picture Dr O'Neil took of me.

This weird thing happened during my last ‘jaga’ in Hasan Sadikin hospital. LAST ‘jaga’?? Did I hear LAST ‘jaga’?? YEAYYYYY!! Gone are sleepless nights and weekendless weeks. YEAYYY!!

Alright anyways… this young lady was wheeled in from the Specialist Polyclinic after being found in a taxi or something. She looked bizarre. Plain but bizarre. She was sent down to the OBGYN Emergency Room Supplement Wing for a vaginal examination. The person who sent her over demanded that a check-up is done to see if there was evidence of sexual abuse or not. Whoah like my first criminal case. I never got one while in OBGYN. Unfortunately there was no visum (it’s a kind of official request from the police kinda thing) accompanying the request so we at the OBGYN department have no authority to perform such an exam. There was a note there regarding the involvement of the Psychiatric department. Wow. Psychiatric department. Either she’s cuckoo or it’s some post-rape depression. Umm…cool? At first as she laid there, I already felt she was something-something wrong (that was before I found out ‘bout the Psychiatric thingy) so I left her to lay on the examination bed. As usual Miss RusRus wanted to be all humanitarian and sh*t so she tried to take the chick’s history. I can tell you-lah it’s useless one but oh well if she wanna try, go ahead ‘cos we ain’t got nothing to do anyways. The girl was silent the entire time and in the end Miss RusRus returned to the chair probably feeling slightly defeated. Since we didn’t have much space in the SW, we demanded she be claimed ‘cos there’s nothing we could do for her anyways. The afternoon returned to its lazy self and we chatted the day away. Around 4pm or so, a woman from the neighbouring room (Surgery ER Supplement Wing) came over to inform us that a female patient, according to her, who was “kurang satu” (KAKAKA kinda funny-lah the way the lady mentioned it), was poking her fingers into electric sockets. She was just worried that the crazy chick was gonna harm herself. Ohh mann so they moved her out of OBGYN SW and stuck her into Surgery SW instead. I didn’t really paid much attention to her after that untilll…

After Ah Nggun came back from solat, he told me that the crazy chick was kind of following him around except she didn’t follow him into our SW. Spook-A-ZOID. After awhile we kinda forgot about her again except at one point when we were laughing really loudly at one of our stupid jokes there was an echo of laughter. We fell silent. That was abit eerie. Adoiii thing is we have so much sh*t to talk about sometimes that we again forgot about the prior incident entirely and started making dumb-and-dumber jokes all over again. But just as we were done laughing, again… crazy chick’s laughter. OMG she was echoing our mirth!! I think that sealed the deal for the both of us ‘cos we remained quiet after that. That really was spooky. Ah Nggun had to go solat AGAIN but I begged him to not leave me alone in the room. I think we both have watched enough thriller movies to know what happens when you leave the sane chick alone in the room just ‘cos you gotta go to the toilet or solat!! Damn. Thank goodness Dr O’Neil walked in that very second so Ah Nggun was safe to go. Dr O’Neil had the same story as Ah Nggun going on. As he returned to the SW, he spotted the crazy chick loitering outside the Surgery SW. Next thing he knew, the chick started trailing him till he had to run into a tiny room to avoid her. Then she started peeking through the hinges of the door. That totally spooked him out. After awhile I began to forget ‘bout the chick and chatted fervently with Dr O’Neil when I turned a lil’ to my left and caught someone staring at us peeking through the hinges of the door. OMGGGGG!! Gave me the fright of my bloody damn life!!!!! After that I was so spooked I just fell silent. Dr O’Neil got spooked ‘cos I got all spooked so there we were just 2 chickens in the room. Anyway within a hour we heard abit of a riot outside and it seems the family came to bring her home or something. Phew. Some drama.

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