Friday, May 19, 2006

hot and not-bothered

Yearggggh. It's SO FREAKING HOT IN HERE. Wanna take off all my clothes but the lot I'm with might not be too appreciative of my cooling-off techniques. Instead I decided to take alot of pictures of people I currently hang with and speak of what we do when others are struggling through ER duty :)

This is Miss LinLin. Her dad owns a kerupuk (food crackers) factory. She's quiet and sedate but loves a good laugh. People say we look alike but I just dismiss this as ignorant FAT comments... just like how I cannot tell black people apart; people cannot tell FAT people apart. She cleans up our mess (I mess) and does all the washing which is superb 'cos then I don't need to. I love it when people offer to clean up after me *giggles*

This is Ah Nggun. He is SO THIN I envy him. He drives a broken Kijang and listens to screaming alternative music. He may be in a relationship but blink an eye andyou'll see him perched by the admin desk flattering the next sweet-young-midwife. I call him Mr Polygamy 'cos he has a wife in EVERYONE. He loves it.
When dusk kicks in, work piles up. So we work-loh. Case reports, clinical science papers, crumpled scrubs...

When life just gets too much, always a good idea to take a breather and solat. I've kinda totally memorized the solat schedule 'cos it's always got to do with my eating sched. I love to sit in the middle of my Muslim friends and watch them solat. Ah Rmandha looks like Spock from down here.

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