Saturday, May 06, 2006

a hold on my uterus


Just came out of the OR (Operation Room). Assisted Dr Dini in a C-section operation. Fun stuff. Basically you cut through the abdominal (careful not to puncture the uterus of course) looking for the surface of the enlarged uterus. When u reach deep enough, slice the bottom 'neck' of the uterus transversely (amniotic fluid can gush out like an overflowing river so beware especially if the mother is polyhydramnion: loadsa 'water'). Reach in, locate the baby and pull it out with the help of a spatula or an external push on the abdomen towards the caudal direction. Pull the placenta out after that and check for bleeding. When everything is clear, insert IUD upon patient's request and sew it all up layer by layer. The cool thing is I got to hold the uterus. Like whoah. I really enjoy assisting in Obstetrics operations ‘cos you really get to do something significant [that and getting to wear cool gear like OR scrubs with rubber Wellingtons ‘cos OBGYN operations are messy stuff] instead of just holding up the sliced-up leg or squirting saline during wound-toilet back in Surgical department and other non-significant chores. I got the chance to pry open the abdomen and poke about issue and fascia. Best part of all, like I said, I get to hold the uterus. With my bare hands. Sweet. I had trouble having to handle the scissors and dabbing and suction all at the same time. For me the magical part was when it came down to the last layer: the amniotic sac. It’s like watching the baby bob about beneath a frosted glass casing. Real bizarre. After Dr Dini pokes the sac open I quickly suctioned the fluid before it floods the entire OR floor (much to the dismay of the midwives who will have to clean up later). She then sticks her hand in and fishes about for the kid and pulls him out with her hand. How cool is that?!!

P.S: random trivial mindless sh*t to do when I need to unwind (just discovered this new activity, and it's better than knitting!!)

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