Sunday, May 21, 2006

a day in the life of subang

It starts out with me crawling out of the couch (me forced to sleep on couch 'cos Miss MuMu can't stand wind in her face and I need the fan to freaking BLAAST the heat outta my skin) to Ah Rmandha on his PS2 and Ah Nggun hovering over Zuma. What's with boys and video games?? They can't wake up for nuts when it comes to work but if it's bloody video games suddenly it's as if they've got a built-in alarm clock that goes "RADAR RADAR NEED RECHARGE ON PS2 DOSE BEFORE BRUSHING TEETH!!" *rolls eyes*

As I watch Ah Rmandha tear KGB personnel apart, Miss MuMu gets her momma gear on and starts making breakfast for the crew. Me LOVES being mothered. My request is butter toast sprinkled with ground sugar. Yumsters :P

Toasting company :)

And the Pleasantville day ends happily with the unfortunate death of a pair of twins (6 months) due to premature contractions. They look so bizarre like chihuahua puppies.

Ah Rmandha was very pissed that evening. The midwives were being very very unprofessional and indiscreet about the death of the twins. They were yelling out aloud on how the babies were not going to make it and the fact the lil beings look like alien space invaders right in front of the delivering mother. SUCH LACK OF TACT!! I KNOWWW!! Kesian the mother. I foresee a super-super-sized McDose of post-partum blues therapy. Ah Rmandha was so furious he left the room in a huff and this was his patient... I have no words. It's a very sad thing to lose your babies. People should learn to keep their traps shut sometimes.

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