Sunday, May 21, 2006

a day in the life of subang (cont...)

Sometimes when it gets quiet (delivering ladies tend to always wanna rest together and then deliver together), we muck about our own business to deal with things our own way. I write. Some sleep. Some dribble over phone msgs. Some goes and catches up with boyfriend(S). Afew pray. Ah Rmandha and Ah Nggun... SAVE THE WORLD!!

We're definitely a big bunch of sad kids. Zuma actually gets us excited. As in Viagra the blue pill excited. Also another weird phenomenon: every computer in the O&G department at ever single maternity hospital I've been to has Zuma on their desktops. I have not even heard of this game 'till, like, now. Must be a midwife thing. They are absolutely strange species!!

Last day in Subang: Ah Nggun, moi, Ah Rmandha, Miss RusRus

The whole lot of us!! Staff includes consultant, residents and interns (both seniors and juniors). Fun!! So excited to go back to town-lho.

Comprising of: PVC aprons, knee-high wellingtons and gloves. Zis verry kinky non??

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