Friday, May 26, 2006

the da vinci code: the movie

It’s still a holiday today and the best news is that I don’t have to ‘jaga’ :) I’ve just completed my ‘jaga’ quota last week. Glee!! Got back from Pilates at Pilates Bodyworks. It’s my 3rd class today on the Reformer Program so instead of mat-work, we use machines (faster results worrr YEAYYY). The instructors have evaluated my body and these are the conclusions:
Slight lordosis of the back: I jut my ass out too much which makes my stomach looks bigger than it should
My right shoulder is higher than my left: probably ‘cos I carry my heavy bags on the right most of the time
My left knee working lesser than the other: ‘cos of the old injury I had before where I was on crutches for about a month and my other leg has been compensating the power and literally spoiling my left knee now rendering it weaker

Watched The Da Vinci Code: the movie yesterday with Miss RemRem and Miss KhaiKhai yesterday. It was a public holiday and I had the whole day to just NOT do anything (my all-time favourite past time). The movie made things go *snap snap snap*. Basically with the book every page made me think, like, “Wait a minute… isn’t that the Fibonacci sequence??” or “Hold on, hold on, would it be the… uterus??” and then I’d flip the page over and HOLY GUACAMOLE I’m Ruh-AIGHTTT :) the movie didn’t allow people time to think things through ‘cos of the 2.5 hour limitation so they’d go straight to the point which is abit of a bleh :P I almost thought they chose a wrong person to do Silas but as I watched on he did a pretty good job-lah. Just figured Silas would have been more retarded looking than that: more Hunchback of Notre Dame-ish. Instead Silas is HOT. Hehehe.

Must study must study. Exam’s Thursday next week. Must study.

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