Monday, May 29, 2006

XMen3 jam 1 HABISSS!!

moi: We HV 2 go watch ‘th devl wears prada’ 2gd whn I get home ok. Rite now q-ing 2 c if cn get tix 2 watch xmen3. Eh u told any of ur msian mates u home?Sophiekins: Yeah.. Sum of them knw. Nt lk I gt a lot ere neway. Sure! Sounds fun! Anne hath is a lucky b*atch. Got msia tattler mag. Ud drool at being a If u bn followg bryanboy u’d kno tat anna wintour hv supposedly claimd she’d ban desgnrs who appear on d movie but just recently she went 2 go watch it. Hlarious. In case u hvnt read d bk, I hv it in my rack. Got it ages ago. I lurrrrve all d scandal. F*ck thy just announced tat xmen 1pm sold out.
Adoiii SIEN. Half an hour wait till Poseidon commences. Sh*t and I don't even know what it's about. Some Titanic rerun, at least it's what I perceive it to be from the trailer. Nobody significant in the movie and if they've got Fergie in the cast it's a sure-fire weird pick of the lot. G*ddamn XMen3. They sold out a couple of rows as I was due for the ticket counter. T*UUUUU!! I mean not even a single odd seat out. Isn't that bizarre? Even the crap seats that leave you with a neck cramp are taken. Damn the sh*t. *sigh*

I really wanna watch something. Just tired of 3 weeks shuffling through satellite hospitals and 'jaga'. And the IM2 wifi net has been down in Ciwalk for 3 f*cking days. Muthaf*cka. Damn pissed. How to access to the internet like that?!! I did not walk here and spend 25,000rp on an overpriced drink just to have NO internet. Aah crap. Can't wait to get home.

Right now I'm going over in my mind whether to get those tiara earrings I saw in Stroberi (Indon version of Claire's Accessories or Sinma) which cost 59,000rp. Hmm approximately RM30 for a pair of fake earrings. I don't usually buy earrings so I don't know if they're worth the price. Shall consult Sophiekins when she comes over. Oh yah.. Sophiekins' coming over this Friday to do some souvenir shopping and to experience some cultural overhaul. Lame but OK-lah this place is pretty fun for kitsch purchasing actually. I should know 'cos I'm the QUEEN of KITSCH!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

the da vinci code: the movie

It’s still a holiday today and the best news is that I don’t have to ‘jaga’ :) I’ve just completed my ‘jaga’ quota last week. Glee!! Got back from Pilates at Pilates Bodyworks. It’s my 3rd class today on the Reformer Program so instead of mat-work, we use machines (faster results worrr YEAYYY). The instructors have evaluated my body and these are the conclusions:
Slight lordosis of the back: I jut my ass out too much which makes my stomach looks bigger than it should
My right shoulder is higher than my left: probably ‘cos I carry my heavy bags on the right most of the time
My left knee working lesser than the other: ‘cos of the old injury I had before where I was on crutches for about a month and my other leg has been compensating the power and literally spoiling my left knee now rendering it weaker

Watched The Da Vinci Code: the movie yesterday with Miss RemRem and Miss KhaiKhai yesterday. It was a public holiday and I had the whole day to just NOT do anything (my all-time favourite past time). The movie made things go *snap snap snap*. Basically with the book every page made me think, like, “Wait a minute… isn’t that the Fibonacci sequence??” or “Hold on, hold on, would it be the… uterus??” and then I’d flip the page over and HOLY GUACAMOLE I’m Ruh-AIGHTTT :) the movie didn’t allow people time to think things through ‘cos of the 2.5 hour limitation so they’d go straight to the point which is abit of a bleh :P I almost thought they chose a wrong person to do Silas but as I watched on he did a pretty good job-lah. Just figured Silas would have been more retarded looking than that: more Hunchback of Notre Dame-ish. Instead Silas is HOT. Hehehe.

Must study must study. Exam’s Thursday next week. Must study.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


3 hours till 'jaga' ends. I will return to Bandung later today... YESSS!! Abit of civilisation at last AND I can nomat (nonton hemat) the Da Vinci Code on Monday. Bliss.

At this exact moment Ah Rmandha is asleep opposite me. The midwife is on the desk on my left while Miss RusRus is resting on a patient's bed. As usual Ah Nggun is the first to hit the sack and I'm the one who keeps awake the longest. There is a shrilly voice in the background. A young mother is singing and yelling at the top of her lungs piercing through the silence. Her family is holding her down and trying to get her to calm down. I suppose from a third party's view she'd appear as a victim of "kerasukan". She's delirious and absolutely unaware of her surroundings, absolutely paranoid about chickens attacking her, making clucking sounds (the POKKKK POOOKKK POK POK sort), screaming obscenities and cackling. Both Ah Nggun and Ah Rmandha have finished Internal Medicine so with whatever knowledge they have we started on correcting her temperature (she had a very high fever) and stabilizing her vital signs. I absolutely loved it when Ah Rmandha, “Kita guna Ilmu Penyakit Dalam aja”: so HOT when he said that. I used my Ilmu Bedah in an attempt to fixate her hands ‘cos she kept pulling the intravenous infuse out. After watching House M.D, I've come to realize that beneath alot of temporary mental delusions, lie a lot of medical pathophysiologies and with that lie the medical management. I haven't entered my Psychiatry block so I probably don't know much about what's bothering this patient in comparison with the 2 boys. I really think Ah Rmandha helped handle the situation very well. He's always pretending he's goofy and dumb when in real fact he's a smart alec. I find it very sexy when boys take over and get all serious with work and stuff. Ah Nggun was more of a thinker than do-er. Well, he cannot do trauma then but he’s probably well-suited for his choice of pursuit: Neurosurgery. I was amazed with myself as well. I wasn't freaked out by what happened. And I usually get SPOOKED really easily over the most sh*t ass trivial crap like cicak noises or walking in a dark alley. In fact I remained very calm and focused. Maybe ‘cos what was racing through my mind was more of “Damn, what’s wrong with the chick??” rather than “OMGGG scaryyy!” After we’ve done all we could, we left her family to deal with her. I don’t think she likes me very much either. Maybe she don’t like female figure. She hisses and gives me this weird eye look. I’m paranoid so it’s something I would notice. Before we left, Ah Nggun crouched on the floor. Ah Rmandha thought the fella had stomach cramps but I knew he was praying. I’ve lived with enough Muslims to know that Ah Nggun was praying at the corner. Guess he was spooked too-lah. Who wouldn’t be? She sounded like a crying cat.

Ah Rmandha believes it's a form of post-partum blues since her baby died at birth and husband is not present (it seems he ran away prior to this). Such a big blow for someone so young. What could a girl know about real pain before turning 18 anyway?

That’s the thing about villagers. They get married at 18. Actually they get married younger around 12 to 16 years old. I was chatting to this lady who’s in the cleaning service. She looked like she was 35 but she really was my age. AND get this: she had been married twice!! OMG all the stress really made her age, like, 10 years *look of erk*. I haven’t even been married once. Supposedly, girls my age are considered old spinsters and noone would even dream of wanting to marry them. I’m an old spinster already? Don’t I know it *snap* :I Hehe. Basically when the kids in the village complete primary level education they don’t pursue further. It’s mainly monetary problem but also due to ignorance of the importance of education. Parents then get edgy to get them married off before they turn into mold and taint the family. In the cleaning service lady’s case she got married off at 16 to this 30 over year old dude. Things were alright the first 2 years but then he started to be all weird. Getting possessive and not even allowing her to meet her father and accusing her of incest when all she was was close to her dad. She had enough of his crap and they got divorced. Being a young divorcee was hard. Men in her village begin to leer at her and the women made her an outcase, accusing her of attempting to steal their husbands. She had not intended to remarry but social circumstances forced her into remarrying again. Neighbour husbands would come call at her house with the excuse of wanting to chat with her father when all they really want is to catch her alone in the house. So she got herself a second husband and it was her choice of man instead of her parents’. After the failed first marriage, she’s just grateful now that sometimes when she returns home from a long day at work there’s a hot bowl of rice waiting for her upon arrival. I suppose in the end a good marriage basically boils down to that.

The morning after what would be a very strenuous night. What I don't get is the rest of them slept like freaking goats the entire night yet they look more lethargic than I do..?

P.S: After a 5-hour drive return from Subang, I had to hurry-hurry off to attend a good friend's function (can't help being popular). Miss JoeJoe treats us to a pre-birthday buffet at Hartz Chicken, Bandung :)

I look like crap. I'm actually out in my scrubs. Goodness Gracious save me!!

a day in the life of subang

It starts out with me crawling out of the couch (me forced to sleep on couch 'cos Miss MuMu can't stand wind in her face and I need the fan to freaking BLAAST the heat outta my skin) to Ah Rmandha on his PS2 and Ah Nggun hovering over Zuma. What's with boys and video games?? They can't wake up for nuts when it comes to work but if it's bloody video games suddenly it's as if they've got a built-in alarm clock that goes "RADAR RADAR NEED RECHARGE ON PS2 DOSE BEFORE BRUSHING TEETH!!" *rolls eyes*

As I watch Ah Rmandha tear KGB personnel apart, Miss MuMu gets her momma gear on and starts making breakfast for the crew. Me LOVES being mothered. My request is butter toast sprinkled with ground sugar. Yumsters :P

Toasting company :)

And the Pleasantville day ends happily with the unfortunate death of a pair of twins (6 months) due to premature contractions. They look so bizarre like chihuahua puppies.

Ah Rmandha was very pissed that evening. The midwives were being very very unprofessional and indiscreet about the death of the twins. They were yelling out aloud on how the babies were not going to make it and the fact the lil beings look like alien space invaders right in front of the delivering mother. SUCH LACK OF TACT!! I KNOWWW!! Kesian the mother. I foresee a super-super-sized McDose of post-partum blues therapy. Ah Rmandha was so furious he left the room in a huff and this was his patient... I have no words. It's a very sad thing to lose your babies. People should learn to keep their traps shut sometimes.

a day in the life of subang (cont...)

Sometimes when it gets quiet (delivering ladies tend to always wanna rest together and then deliver together), we muck about our own business to deal with things our own way. I write. Some sleep. Some dribble over phone msgs. Some goes and catches up with boyfriend(S). Afew pray. Ah Rmandha and Ah Nggun... SAVE THE WORLD!!

We're definitely a big bunch of sad kids. Zuma actually gets us excited. As in Viagra the blue pill excited. Also another weird phenomenon: every computer in the O&G department at ever single maternity hospital I've been to has Zuma on their desktops. I have not even heard of this game 'till, like, now. Must be a midwife thing. They are absolutely strange species!!

Last day in Subang: Ah Nggun, moi, Ah Rmandha, Miss RusRus

The whole lot of us!! Staff includes consultant, residents and interns (both seniors and juniors). Fun!! So excited to go back to town-lho.

Comprising of: PVC aprons, knee-high wellingtons and gloves. Zis verry kinky non??

Friday, May 19, 2006

hot and not-bothered

Yearggggh. It's SO FREAKING HOT IN HERE. Wanna take off all my clothes but the lot I'm with might not be too appreciative of my cooling-off techniques. Instead I decided to take alot of pictures of people I currently hang with and speak of what we do when others are struggling through ER duty :)

This is Miss LinLin. Her dad owns a kerupuk (food crackers) factory. She's quiet and sedate but loves a good laugh. People say we look alike but I just dismiss this as ignorant FAT comments... just like how I cannot tell black people apart; people cannot tell FAT people apart. She cleans up our mess (I mess) and does all the washing which is superb 'cos then I don't need to. I love it when people offer to clean up after me *giggles*

This is Ah Nggun. He is SO THIN I envy him. He drives a broken Kijang and listens to screaming alternative music. He may be in a relationship but blink an eye andyou'll see him perched by the admin desk flattering the next sweet-young-midwife. I call him Mr Polygamy 'cos he has a wife in EVERYONE. He loves it.
When dusk kicks in, work piles up. So we work-loh. Case reports, clinical science papers, crumpled scrubs...

When life just gets too much, always a good idea to take a breather and solat. I've kinda totally memorized the solat schedule 'cos it's always got to do with my eating sched. I love to sit in the middle of my Muslim friends and watch them solat. Ah Rmandha looks like Spock from down here.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

S square

Just woke up. I think I've been asleep 3 hours. Wah. I literally dropped dead the moment Dr Yadi (chief resident on duty this week in Subang) finished giving us some academic pointers. We were supposed to type our group report but all I remember are fleeting moments, when I briefly and vaguely wake to alter positions 'cos one of my my arms would be on pins and needles, of Miss RusRus typing followed by Ah Nggun. I totally konged-lah before and am the only one awake now. Had to finish up on some report writing or my patient would not be able to transfer from the delivery recovery room to the ward. I, like, just went to check her vitals (she's pre-eclamptic meaning she's got high blood pressure and protein in her urine = not good sign) when her dad puts an envelope into my hand. He says it's for me to go eat baso (meatball noodles). As flattered as I am, I declined and insisted he took the money back. They didn't seem to come from even an average-income family, I'd feel too horrid to take their money. Dddy once told me that people do that alot: give angpows to medical personnel. Cute.

Yesterday drove me into fatigue-ville. Assisted TWO forceps delivery one of which were twins. It was my first twins delivery and my first forceps. And the day had been non-stop till now. No wonder I'm so tired. In 6 hours time I'd have been so-called lepaking in this hot, horribly ventilated delivery room for 24 hours straight. Can't wait till polyclinic duty ends so I can go home and sleep on a bed. The night before I had to crash on the couch 'cos Miss MuMu cannot take the fan blowing directly at her face while I totally need that in order to sleep. *sigh*, miss my own bed where I can sleep just the way I want to.


There I was just minding my own business jotting down patient’s information for our case report session later on twins (there, the lady with the forceps delivery I helped earlier, that one-lah) post-follow-up (rounds) when an old woman dropped by the staff room and started lingering at the door. The midwives asked her what it was she wanted when she pointed to me. I was puzzled for awhile when I realize that she was the twins’ grandmother from yesterday. Aaah right right. She came to thank me. Yeayyy ME LIKES!! I love it when parents or family members come thank me. I’d go “No, it’s OK” or “My pleasure” or “It was no problem at all” but I really do love it when they appreciate my efforts… just a form of reassurance that I did a good job. Frankly I have no idea how I communicated with the old lady ‘cos she spoke no word of Bahasa Indonesia while my Sundanese vocab is probably limited to just ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Yet we manage to pull half an hour of goodness-knows-what yakking while Ah Nggun sniggered in the background.

(msg)Ah Nggun: ajak ngomong bhs inggris donk (speak to her in English-lah)
That lil’ b*stard :P

I was very ready to get back to work but the lady kept lingering so I had to continue making conversations. Mannn why won’t people stop talking to me when I need to get paperwork finished or catch a cat nap?? I can’t even speak intelligibly well in Indon!! Yet they continue to press on… (scarred by the night of the Old-Man-With-Many Questions) *rolls eyes* So anyways it seems the mother was going to be discharged today thus I went over to say good-bye. The grandmother requested that I name the 2 children. Whoah. LIKE FUNNNNN :D My mood elevated in a split second and the neurons got to working. I asked them if they wanted an English name or an Indon one (bleh bo r I n g) and they agreed to an English name. SUPERRR *prances around like a happy gnome*. Continuing Dddy’s S legacy I named them with my two favourite S boy names: Shaun and Sergio. Figured they wouldn’t understand the Sean pronounciation so I vocalized it for them. Their middle names were Rizki which meant “rezeki kita” (niceee) and finished off with their parents name Ade (mother) Surya (father). *sigh* This is one of the good things in life.

P.S: I hate babytalk but aren't they just absolutely gorgeous?!! So precious!!
P.P.S: On the other hand, when there's birth... there's abortion...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

oooh barracuda…

Life is s l o w here yet it’s already ‘jaga’ tomorrow. I’m waiting for the rest of them to get ready so we can drive to ‘town’ and get some dinner. ‘Town’ is, like, this street with shops selling clothes and food and groceries. Basically that’s just about it. Pretty hilarious actually. Sometimes I think that just a little housing area’s commercial spot back in KL could actually be a TOWN here in Indon *giggles*

Spent the entire afternoon napping and watching Ah Rmandha play Black on his Playstation II. Quite a cool game really… got guns and stuff. War sh*t. Basically we go around searching for Soviet crap that can help us get down to the whole CIA sh*t and we do it via warfare. There’s like so many types of guns and ammo and all that jazz. I have no idea what’s good and what’s not but there’s this revolver that’s kinda big but is really powerful and accurate when it comes to target. Problem is.. it takes eons to reload. Like second one: open cartridge thing; second two: empty cartridge thing; second three: look at new bullets; second four: replace shells with new ammo; second five: flip cartridge thing back into place; second six: ONLY then ready set to go. OMGGG lame!!!!! Everytime we need to reload we might as well as submit ourselves to the gates of hell. Damn long to reload. Problem is, if we use the machine gun, the bloody piece of sh*t can’t shoot accurately for nuts. And we end up getting hurt even more than when using the revolver thing. I fell asleep on the couch while watching him play (I’m the only one interested in watching him play since I haven’t got Playstation at home and it really fascinates me) and by the time I had woken from my nap, due to a horrid nightmare involving a midwife (you know I hate ‘em) and big decision making (you know I hate ‘em too), Ah Rmandha was already at the last level. He wasn’t really progressing very well. I wasn’t good with reflexes but I knew a thing or two when it came to strategy so the both of us put our minds together to figure out a way to prolong the bugger’s life in order to shoot more people. Anita was very rapt by the fact that it took a Playstation game to bring Ah Rmandha and I together since we’re CONSTANTLY at war with each other [it’s not my fault he’s ALWAYS irritating me to damn death… like he cannot leave me alone in peace; e.g. if he ever sees me in my happy place, he’d go, “Hey Skinny” knowing very well I’m FAT. Even my Super-Pinch and my Taekwondo yellow-belt kicks won’t seem to stop him from being an ass]. In an amusing sense, we put our issues aside to plot against a mutual enemy!!


Just came back from dinner. My migraine won’t leave me. It’s the heat-lah. I don’t know how to describe how freakin’ hot this place is. Even the fan doesn’t help ‘cos the air is so warm all you get is hot breeze blowing at your face. You’d think it would be tolerable at night but it’s pretty much the same except there’s no sizzling ray frying your skin. We had “ikan etong”. I’m not a fish person but is “ikan etong” a barracuda?? I think it is-lah. It kinda looks like one. I was hearing so much ‘bout the meatiness of “ikan etong” from those who did their station in Subang. In the end I think it was OK-lah. Great value for price but just OK only-lah. Those people (Miss IyanIyan and Miss KosKos) probably never tasted much good fish in their lives that they think it was just oh-so-that.

Monday, May 15, 2006

talk about karma

I was absolutely fuming awhile ago 'cos my delivery got stolen YET AGAIN. This time by a deviously cunning midwife in pink. I hate 'her' kind. She hides behind her innocent smile and pastel “tudung” but underneath all that superficial layers of youthful niceness lies the personality of an eccentric old lady ever ready to shove you into her oven. MissVitVit handed me her patient which makes that lady MY patient. Her cervix was already 5 – 6 cm dilated which meant it was probably an hour or two to delivery. I really wanted a delivery on my own and this was the chance that I was waiting for. I had been checking on the lady constantly… all the while the pink b*tch was sitting beside her massaging the mother’s tummy. I now realize that’s just a crafty way of ‘booking’ the patient. She’s not actually interested in massaging the lady, she just needs to have an excuse to park herself beside the patient so that she could get a headstart whenever the opportunity arises. CH*MAKAN. Damn angry. Anyway, Miss RusRus was getting ready to do a USG (ultrasound) so I quickly went to the next room to have a look. We hardly get a chance to use the USG all by ourselves so it was pretty exciting. The patient was VERY overweight and she had leaves and such stuck to her body from a superstitious ritual to ward off evil spirits. There was a dreadful rash all over her body goodness knows from the leaves or some other previous nonsensical ritual and she safety pinned a pair of scissors to the left side of her blouse (which the kids later explained to be is part of the funny ritual as well) *raised eyebrow*. Cut to post-USG, I returned to my patient to see how she was doing since I heard her wailing from next door. To my utter horror (and disgust) the pink b*tch was all gloved and aproned up ready to assist the delivery!! I couldn’t take over ‘cos the spotlight was on and the senior midwives were already crowding her. I kept my cool though. I just looked at her, took a deep breath and found some other trivial task to do: recording some other patient’s fetal heart rate etc. I was so angry-lah but what could I do except curse her under my breath. Bloody *&*%$%@@$$#$% thief!! Looking at how the process was going, I had a hunch things were not going to go well. The mother seemed fatigued and most of all they didn’t have ME: the CHEERLEADER!! I feel I’m pretty good at cheering mothers on… I do this thing like how a tug-of-war coach would and most of the time it really works. I’ve had quite afew mothers thanking me for aiding them during their delivery. Sometimes I feel I didn’t even do anything but, hey, maybe the encouragement means more to them than it does to me. The pink b*tch wasn’t gonna get any of that from me.

An hour after she commenced assisting the delivery, I checked back on the b*tch and to my utter surprise (or maybe NOT hehe) no progress from before. The mother has not delivered, no baby’s head visually crowning, nothing. Weird. Then an hour later (here comes the good part) Dr Effy rushes in and gets all gloved up. I was wondering how come Dr Effy had to come over and realized that she was gonna perform vacume on the baby. So the b*tch doesn’t get to deliver after all. OMGGG PADAN HER G*DDAMN MUKA. I was exhilarated!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA me so happy. That’ll teach her right for being unfair and stealing my patient. I was actually gonna be nice and share the lady with her. Now nobody gets anything which is fine by me. I cannot believe how fast karma reacted. Whoah. Rad.


OMG. I may be constantly self-doubtful or the biggest moron sometimes but I do know SOME things. Like 5 minutes ago, Ah Nggun thought his patient was about to deliver. I was supposed to share the delivery with him 'cos he was nice enough to let me have her (seriously, I didn't really want her though 'cos her case seems to be too problematic and I’m such a lazy bum). He instructed me to perform the internal examination, which I did. Unfortunately my fingers were so damn short that I couldn't tell how big the cervical dilatation (it might have to around 8cm) was but I could tell that the baby's head has NOT engaged so there's NOT going to be a delivery anyway. Ah Nggun was headstrong that the mother was gonna have to deliver there and then but I didn't think it was possible. In the end I was right: f*ck, told him so.


Since we “jaga” night/morning before, our rotation during the daytime post-“jaga” is the Polyclinic ‘cos it usually ends early and we get to jet home to sleep pronto. A lady walks in with a very worried look. Her friend accompanying her told me the latter was afraid she was pregnant and it could not be so as she hadn’t had sex since her husband died 2 years back. She was a cute middle-aged lady with chief complaints of cessation of menses and breast tenderness. She was worried that if she really WAS pregnant, she’d be the talk of town. I asked her amongst others if she had sex recently and she denied having sex. I told her if she was frank about that, the stop in her normal menstruation cycle was just probably due to stress. Her friend laughed and teased that it was probably the need to have sex that’s causing her to stop menstruating. She must really care what people thought of her ‘cos she started to get emotional and by the time she got to Dr Phil (interns do the initial assessments and the consultants give the final nod of consent), she was in tears. The poor lady. Dr Phil reassured her that if she did not have sex, there was NO reason to be afraid of being pregnant and even if the entire village decides to speculate on her pregnancy she needn’t have to hide ‘cos the fact is she CANNOT get pregnant without having sex. *sigh* Poor lady, those village people are meanies. I know-lah how she must have felt, it’s somewhere along the lines of being bullied. I was bullied in high school… society can be harsh.
Then another lady enters also looking all worried and stuff. She visited a midwife to consult about a bulge in her stomach. The midwife diagnosed it as a tumor and advised her to better get it assessed with a doctor. As Dr Phil scanned her stomach he told her she had something growing in her stomach alright but it wasn’t a tumor. It was a baby!! “Astafirulloh….etc!!” Kekeke it was funny to watch her exclaim in horror ‘cos you could see the authentic shock in her face. She told Dr Phil it was impossible since she NEVER missed her birthcontrol injections. But wait… Dr Phil’s eyes squinted and he was like, “Wait a minute… there are two heartbeats. You have twins!!” “Astafirulloh… etc!!” At that time I couldn’t contain my laughter and I laughed out loud. Everyone thought it was amusing as well. The mother couldn’t decide whether she was appalled or delighted with the news of 2 extra children in her life. I could tell from her face it was a burdening form of good news ‘cos she didn’t look like she could afford another, heck TWO new babies. She already has 3. She was slightly reassured that the babies seemed OK and all that but still recovering from the shock that all the while she was pregnant and didn’t know it. What puzzled her even more was that the midwife did not detect this and had the cheek to diagnose it as a tumor. KAKAKA damn amusing-lah that entire scenario. Later she admitted that for 6 months while her husband was away, she took a break from the birth control injections and only resumed a week after he returned. ADOIII I really don’t get these people… they think that the whole “ponteng” few days wouldn’t matter but it DOES. That’s why they’re always told not to miss a day. Aiyaaa. *shakes head shakes head*


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