Monday, April 03, 2006

you take a Napa NOT move to Napa

Guess I’m not THAT happy after all. I figured with all the great things that have been happening and the fact I’m absolutely bursting with sunshine happiness that the whole Sunday blues would cease in existence. I was wrong. I’m feeling real crap now. I mean I really don’t mind the fact Dddy has to have dinner with Uncle Tony ‘cos I really have nothing much to say to him anyways especially with my rubbish mood. Same goes to Mmmy since she’s in Kota Bharu (to attend an ex-classmates gathering). Miss ChewChew’s in Penang for Cheng Beng and even if she was around, she’d be hanging out with Ah Zai. Miss ChongChong’s with Joshua. Miss PalnaPalna has night classes. Miss TanTan has weekend events and Ah Yeoh and Ah Choy are playing mahjong together. Without me. WTF?!! They’re probably out to teach me a mean lesson since I’m so tehhh and overbearing in the sense I always want things to go my way. *sigh* I mean they didn’t have to make place for me to play since I’m absolute garbage at it but I did request just to be allowed to watch. They are unbelievably mean. *sigh* it’s only 9pm. 6 crappy hours to go before I’ve got to really get ready for the airport. I cannot believe that, despite being absolutely positive, this can still happen. F*ck.

Ah Choy just called. They’re having dinner in Kepong post-mahjong. M*tha f*ckas. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what is it that’s wrong with me. I wanna meet people yet I don’t wanna meet people. I don’t wanna meet people yet I wanna meet people. F*CK. Ah Choy sounded like he was gonna come over or something later but Ah Yeoh won’t be. Thing is, I don’t know if I want him to come over anymore. I just wanted to go watch the f*cking mahjong game. Now if he comes over then I’m obliged to make talk and my mood is f*cking foul!! YETTT despite all I’ve b*tched just now, I yearn for a form of company. I don’t know what I want!! I’m crazy. *laughs to myself*

Just got back from IKEA where I went last minute to get Miss MuMu and Ah Iru’s gifts. I have some last minute sh*t to chuck into the luggage and I can tell from the looks of things, the bag’s gonna be overweight. *rolls eyes* Hate it when this happens. Miss PalnaPalna was on the phone with me the entire time. She dislikes her immediate boss because he’s giving her a hard time at work. Also, she’s thinking of taking a sabbatical leave or if it gets too complicated… she might just get up and resign. Resign from her PR job at S*bucks?!! OMG. I don’t understand kids these days. Don’t they get that a great job is HARD to come by?? Do they have to go through another recession to understand the value of having a job? I dunno, I just don’t think they’re gonna wait for her to finish finding herself… this is S*bucks MALAYSIA not S*Bucks USA!! Old china-peks are gonna get young hotties (all eager and vying hard) to fill in the blanks and by the time Miss PalnaPalna decides she is done finding herself, the little opportunist would have sucked up enough, drilling screws between her ass and that office chair. And all Miss PalnaPalna would have left is a basic CV, empty bank account (from all the travelling) and a level-2 ballet certificate. In a sense she does have a truck load of confidence. She thinks there will always be jobs as good as this one. I think she’s wrong. Loadsa losers are just waiting for someone to crash into a lorry or die of choking so that they can get that great gig at S*bucks. And here’s Miss PalnaPalna just throwing it away. So times are getting tougher, and so there’s more pressure than ever now: deal with it. Why won’t people just deal with things?? I really don’t get it. A small hint of discomfort and they wanna get their bags packing. What does she have to offer the world anyway?? All she has is a diploma in computers and some working experience as a coffee barista. There are so many over-qualified individuals, hotter, younger and with more vibrant ideas menganggur-ing who could give her the run for her money. Doesn’t she get this?? She’s so cocky to think she can get a better job. Maybe. But there’s also the maybe nots. Really hope she thinks this over really hard.

Horrors of horrors. I think I’m in love with Mr Orange. Sh*t, big trouble.

Here're what the cards have to say:

  1. Charity gift
  2. The start of love; inspired creativity (lead to happy times); could lead to love affair, marriage; if I don’t do anything about it I will be bitter, exhausted, lose faith in love, lose relationship, emotionally stressed out and I hate (her) as I’m afraid that my love affair might come to an end; don’t be afraid to leave the best behind; there’s plenty more in this relationship to experience (take it to the next level); follow your heart, do what it truly desires, if you are disillusioned with life right now, take heart ‘cos the future promises to be brighter; don’t run away from it, most of all don’t abandon what is good and secure in pursuit of an impossible.
  3. Stupid speculations
  4. Firm foundation
  5. I must trust my instincts and develop my intuition ‘cos I am a very strong feminine influence that could be one of the most important women in his life. I must be slow and discreet ‘cos got hidden obstacles.
  6. Conclusion: success, glory, happiness, joy, achievement, joyful love affair, there’s nothing to negative about the Sun card despite got minor delays / setbacks

Sure or not?

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