Friday, April 07, 2006

tokidoki i want

“Fashion Worlds Meld as LeSportsac Meets tokidoki and Toy2R"

What? You have never heard of tokidoki? How about Toy2r? Read on……

LeSportsac is excited to debut tokidoki for LeSportsac, for Spring 2006. This line of handbags and accessories fuses together the fashion forward fun and chic utility of LeSportsac, with the imaginative and provocative world of tokidoki, the new brand from famed Hard Candy co-creator Pooneh Mohajer Arnold and Internationally renowned artist Simone Legno. Featured with the tokidoki for LeSportsac collection will be the miniature toy creations of Toy2R, the leader in the prestigious designer toy market. Each of these three collaborators brings their individual creative vision and perspective to offer a truly fresh and innovative line that embodies a larger global perspective-- one that is the fusion of fashion, lifestyle, art, and culture.

tokidoki, the brand started by Italian artist Simone Legno and his partners, Pooneh Mohajer Arnold and Ivan Arnold, is a study in contrasts. Roman born Legno is both fascinated and charmed by Japanese culture, so the name tokidoki, which means “sometimes” in Japanese, was chosen because “everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny. tokidoki is the hope, the hidden energy everyone has inside.” Laughing flowers, winking stars, coy babies, sultry ingénues, rainbows, and children, among many other unique and incredible artistic visions, populate the world of tokidoki. The Japanese-inspired designs of tokidoki are rich with duality. Simone has been called the Italian Murakami and tokidoki designs are provocative yet pure… cute and playful, sexy and sophisticated. The world is invited to share in the web-based world of tokidoki via interactive games that bring all ages into this amazing world of play.

Founded by toy mastermind Raymond Choy in 1995, Toy2R is one of the most well known toy retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in designer toys. Created from the idea of placing toys into an art context, Toy2R strives to systematically break down the borders between product design, art, and graphics. Among the first to see the potential of the Art Toy Movement, Toy2R works with an army of artists to create innovative and collectible designs. The most popular series to date is the “Qee” line of two-inch key-chain figurines. The qees start as white, three-dimensional blank canvases for various artists to explore and design. The results are materialized artistic visions thought up by each artist. For this collection, LeSportsac worked with artists, Meomi and Dalek from the Toy2R organization, as well as tokidoki, to create a new and limited edition of qees that accompany each tokidoki for LeSportsac handbag or accessory. Limited quantities of the in 8” tokidoki qee will be available for the playful at heart and the serious collector.

The tokidoki for LeSportsac collection offers a fresh utility-type styling with a young attitude and urban appeal. Standard LeSportsac features include signature rip-stop nylon and standard webbings. However, the collection now includes a vachetta leather trim that softens beautifully with use. Sturdy utilitarian hardware in metallic colors, metal zippers in a rainbow of color, and green metallic carabiners, all convey and enhance the line’s new utilitarian fashion as they are evidence of tokidoki’s signature style. Plenty of pockets…useful but chic mesh pockets on the outside, more on the inside, and elastic ‘key leash’ cords with carabiners all heighten a sense of sport utility fashion. More playful touches to the collection include rivets that wink with an embossed star in green and a detachable green ball chain to wear or…

tokidoki for LeSportsac comes in a broad range of new and different styles, including a medium sized duffle for office to yoga, a flat messenger bag for your laptop, or a cool hobo for a night out. All tokidoki for LeSportsac styles come in Black with the unique-to-this-collection print lining which reminds wearers, every time they open their bags, of the spirit of tokidoki. Additionally, all styles are offered in the print which overtly lets wearers say they are looking for their tokidoki. Even the tokidoki trademark logo of the heart and crossbones reflects the mantra of ‘love, but love cautiously.” The tokidoki for LeSportsac collection will be available in January at the LeSportsac flagship store located at 1065 Madison Ave. in NY and at Soho located at 176 Spring Street in NY. The collection will also be available at 8500 Beverly Blvd. in LA, or online at

In 1974, at a small factory in New York City, the first LeSportsac bag was carefully sketched and stitched together using parachute nylon and grosgrain ribbon printed with the signature repetitive logo. Thirty+ years later, the company has become the leading American Classic brand of nylon fashion bags, accessories and luggage worldwide. Always at the forefront of fashion, LeSportsac continues to design and create both functional and chic handbags that are always in style.”

This is why I detest living in this coconut shell of a country. The only time I get a breath of fresh fashion air is when I go home to lovely Ikano where my favourite magazine stand thrives with their stacks of Vogue, Glamour, Elle, In Style and Harpers Bazaar. No, I HAVE NOT heard of tokidoki and the first time I laid my eyes upon them was in an April edition of US Vogue. Aaack!! I instantly fell in luurve. [Now I was never much of a LeSportsac fan but tokidoki... *sigh* tokidoki is a label on it's own] Now I presumed since the ad was featured in April’s Vogue therefore it must be a relatively new line and after severe calculations I foresaw it reaching Malaysian shores at the end of June. When I discussed it with Miss KosKos, she quickly exclaimed that she saw it in Cleo’s March issue. WTF?!! Aisay!! tokidoki’s in Malaysia already and in bloody Metrojaya, Midvalley Megamall. MUTHA F*CKA!! Oh so angry… I immediately msg-ed Mmmy to get her behind over to Midvalley’s to get me my barang-barang. Tragically for me, they only brought in a couple of pieces and they were sold out prior to Chinese New Year. It seems all those bloody overseas b*tches from Japan (I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THOSE KAWAII HOs WOULD COME TO FINISH OUR GOODIES), UK and Singapore came to attack our supply of tokidoki when their cities sold outta those precious parachute bags. WAAAAAAAAAAA *cries real crocodile tears* Miss KosKos and I mourned our loss for 3 days. I had to practically peel myself off my soakingly wet pillow. Me so sad.

Fancies the pants of:


buon viaggio



and last but not least


(disclaimer: article + images courtesy of LeSportsac)

P.S: 22.04.06 There's hope for us YET!! LeSportsac finally came to its blimin' senses and will release a summer '06 line of tokidoki. Mannn if I don't get SOMETHING, I might as well get my wrist slit.


Anonymous said...

cute -- just bought my neice a mini Floto leather bag -- i think i will get her one of the bags above next! thanks for the review!

shelbybaby said...

anon: yes yes!

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