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thursday: ladies night

Third on list: night out with the girls

Clockwise from L: Zeta what?; moimoimoi & Miss ChongChong; moi a lil wanggg on champagne; Miss ChongChong and chicken kebabs; moi juling itik; scallops with caviar toppings + chicken kebabsy stuff

I was a little disappointed that Miss ChewChew didn’t tag along. I suppose Zeta Bar is a lil’ too far-end. But then again, it’s ladies night. No no I mean but then again, it’s ZETA BAR!! I mean, people don’t really get in easy right? [Oer I dunno I’m just exclaiming things. I heard it’s quite exclusive and personally concluded likewise] With Miss ChongChong’s (great or shall I say FABULOUS) connections, we needn’t pay cover charge plus we get a complimentary glass of champagne. I really think it’s a good deal. Besides, I really like to try out new places. So Miss ChewChew has some beef with the girls but no need to be so siu-hei what. Unsporting-lah I feel. I know, I know, a person shouldn’t be forced to do things he don’t wanna do or see people he don’t wanna see… but for old times sake just slap on a smile-lah. By now we should all be aware of what sort of people we all are. Shouldn’t we just shut an eye and try to make pleasantries? *sigh* I can see the 7spoons chain deteriorating by the year.

I had to take a cab to the IBM building in Taman Tun ‘cos Miss ChongChong’s too lazy to come pick me up at home. Darn, so mah farn. Going out with boys are better ‘cos they’d pick me up. Felt like a real outcast: me decked in full night-out make up and my plunging-of-a-neckline top amidst people and their work uniform. The drive towards Hilton was good ‘cos the traffic hadn’t yet built up. We had Miss TanTan on hands free explaining why the whole world has rage against Miss PalnaPalna. Aiii Miss PalnaPalna Miss PalnaPalna… she’s just too darn pompous and obstinate for her own good. Now she got herself in such a stitch with everyone. Well, everyone except me. I don’t really get into stitches with people ‘cos I’m hardly around them much enough to stir trouble. The closest thing to a squabble between Shabana and moi was when her name card got demoted to umm… 2nd page to make way for Ah Choy’s card. I have something like a name card hierarchy in my name card album. HOHOHO. It used to be Dddy followed by (empty space for boyfriend-to-come), Miss ChewChew followed by MissPalna. Then my family and uncle’s name card came into the picture so it was family, Dddy, (empty space for boyfriend-to-come), Uncle, Miss ChewChew, Miss PalnaPalna etc. Then Ah Choy’s new name card got printed so it was 1st page: family, Dddy, (empty space for boyfriend-to-come), Uncle, Ah Choy, Miss ChewChew 2nd page: Miss PalnaPalna etc… She was horrified (!!). I’m sorry but Ah Choy takes a ledge above them ‘cos I know him the longest and well, he literally is that high up in my relationship hierarchy. She will just have to learn to accept that.

Clockwise from L: view; view; view; view of food

We got into Zeta Bar really early. Everyone had just left from their after-office-hour drinks so the place was quite empty thus we had the liberty of choosing a good spot. Flashing our msgs, we earned ourselves our complimentary champagne. YUMMM. So Miss ChongChong and I yakked and yakked while awaiting the girls. I yabbered to her describing what a happy person I am and how Surgery turned my life around and she yabbered back on how life has finally calmed down, and despite some mini setbacks, things are going good. Suddenly damn a lot of waiters/waitresses kept badgering us for that silly sms. MY G*DDD could they be any less diplomatic?? Miss ChongChong had to throw names out to just get them off our backs. It seems, despite how often as she comes, they give her the same treatment. Guess they really are consistent with regards of the selectivity of the crowd. One glass of champagne is RM55 (on ladies night it’s half off for the chicks) so I don’t think you need a msg to filter off people… the price themselves are killers and can act as a semi-permeable membrane!! It was only later that they fixed Z-bracelets to our wrists (it functions the same way the sms does: indicates invitation!!) that people started to act like real waiters / waitresses and took our drinks order *rolls eyes*. Miss ChongChong was the absolute mother. She ordered me food ‘cos well I’m FAT and hungry and we shouldn’t down the wine without having eaten something.

*Just so you know:
Alcohol is one of the few substances readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract (stomach-lah). As a substance it fits somewhere between food and drug as it can supply calories [YEARRRGH!! I know this already but is still horrified] but cannot be broken down or stored as protein, fat or carbohydrate, yielding 7.1 kcal/g compared with 4 kcal/g produced by the metabolism of equal amount of carbohydrate. The metabolism of alcohol starts from:

Oxidation of ethanol (ethyl alcohol)

↓ (mainly in liver mitochondria: these are energy-making stuff in your liver)
Acetate [free radicals: bad stuff that damages your liver cells that’s why can get cancer]

Released into blood [food decreases absorption ‘cos FAT competes with alcohol absorption, thus, resulting in a lower blood alcohol level… so EAT GREASY sh*t before you start downing Screaming Orgasms so you don’t kong so early in the night]

Oxidized by peripheral tissues

Carbon Dioxide + Fatty acids [that’s why FAT people who are trying to lose weight that continues to drink remain FAT] + Water

(Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States; Kumar & Clark Clinical Medicine)

She belanja me scallops topped with caviar *swoon*, chicken and fried rice. The meal must have cost her a bomb. It’s Zeta Bar price despite the simple fare. I’m so malu yet I’m not… KAKAKA… I wolfed everything down properly while she nibbled a little. Mostly she watched me EAT. No wonder she can drop 2 dress sizes in matters of weeks. She has such great discipline when it comes to weight-loss. Every time she gets all plumped up, the next thing I know, she’s a stick-insect again while I’m stuck in this yeti built since the beginning of century. We talked even more till the 2 girls came. Lots of girly b*tches and updates on life’s progress. Me likes. Miss TanTan's been taking intensive salsa classes and we made her give us an entrĂ©e of what she could do. Wow, she jiggles her ass damn well. Damn, I wanna learn TANGO [no relevance, just had to say it]. I think Miss PalnaPalna was wayyy tipsy ‘cos she broke TWO wine glasses. Damn she really has bad motor skills or something. I mean how can a person break 2 glasses one after another?!! We were all wangg [Miss MasMas + Miss IyanIyan slang for high] but we were careful enough to watch where our arms flail. Zeta Bar must think our crowd odd. Miss ChongChong introduced me to the bar’s Director. You could tell he’s an Italian Casanova away from home. Miss ChongChong and him are on friendly *wink wink* terms and I found him pretty endearing. I think it’s a good touch that he goes around asking how everyone was and getting us girls a round of drinks. Yeayyy so now that we’re introduced anddd he bothered to present me his name card (I’m a name card FREAK), we’re acquainted. Cool!! [Damn I’m lame]

clockwise from L: whatever that's left of us Miss PalnaPalna, mememe, MissTanTan, Miss ChongChong; Zeta chicks; Casanova + moi; Miss TanTan+ moi; moi + Miss PalnaPalna; me downs MissPalnaPalna's Flaming Lamborghini 'cos she has to drive home (It rules not to have to drive!!)

Miss ChongChong’s boss was around. Mannn everytime we go somewhere, her bosses are surely around [guess it doesn’t help that she brings us to places where her office often hold functions… but they’re all damn chun places :P]. They were trying to get some deal going with a client so Miss ChongChong had to go over and do some work PR. Miss ChongChong really knows how to layan people. No wonder she has much to boast ‘bout her entertainment skills. I have to admit she’s helluva brilliant entertainer. The crappy thing ‘bout entertaining people especially in business if you’re a woman is that men tend to use the opportunity to get all touchy-feely with you. I guess that’s just how it is in the game. One way or another, the sex appeal will come into play… I know ‘cos I use it too. Hehe I think I’m using my sex-appeal but really it’s more of kid-ish charm. I have NO sex appeal. I’m the exact opposite of Jessica Alba. I’m Abla Acissej ;D Unless they’re people I’ve known my entire life, I get really defensive over that sort of intimacy… maybe that’s why I don’t exude sex appeal in front of strangers. I clam up like a half-boiled kerang.

By the time everything was over, we had polished off a bottle of wine and a minimal of 2 drinks each. Not forgetting the previous bottle of wine I shared with Miss ChongChong. I was fine to the point of getting into the car. Soon after, I was gone-lah.

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