Friday, April 07, 2006


I am still 60 kg at a crappy height of 155cm. I did NOT lose any weight since… forever. So here I go again making new ambitions and rebuilding old hopes of being stick-thin. Will watch food intake vigorously and resume cardio cardio cardio!! Current goal weight: 49 kg. *cackles*

I will put thoughts of Mr Orange at the back of my mind. He has occupied enough working space in my brain. It’s time to store him in zip drive and chuck him in some non-urgent tray wherever. I’ve already f*cked 4 days up and I really cannot afford to spare more energy thinking of our so-called complex relationship if I intend to get that A in OBGYN ;) OMG look at me!! I’m, like, career-driven. That’s, like, really new *cackles* Also, I really need some time to decide whether I truly (madly deeply) LOVE him before formulating my next step. I’m so confused it’s cuh-razy. How do you tell if you LOVE a person? I mean OK I think I’m adult enough to tell lust apart from love but how do you tell if love is really love? Maybe I’m misconstruing my dependency for love. Maybe it’s not love but just fear of loneliness. There we go… more thinking: STOP!!

I’ve been consulting some people regarding the whole me-MrOrange case study. Mainly I just wanted to know if there was some way to test if Mr Orange fancied me.
Miss MasMas: Approach this but do it with caution.
Miss RemRem: Do something about it. Be slow but you have to ask him. Show him that you can’t live without him.
Miss IyanIyan: Don’t do anything. Especially don’t show him that you can’t live without him.
Ah Per: Try to be sok sok jealous or sok sok possessive [I already am jealous and possessive a person when it comes to him] and watch his response. If he gets irritated when you’re like that then you know.
Ah Nggie: Call him. Call him every week. I think there’s something there.
Miss ChongChong: (msn) “go for a romantic dinner together n try to talk more personal stuff like how weird wil it b if 2 of u were together what he feels just try to flirt see his response”
[I don’t personally think this is workable. It seems a lil’ extreme to get him out on a date. Don’t think he’ll even agree to it in the first place]
Ah Yung: (msn) “aiyah.. just kiss him lah... if he likes u enuf.. he'll kiss u back...” [OMGGG abit the vulgar right??!! But at least he made me laugh]

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