Sunday, April 16, 2006


‘The Lovely Bones is a luminous and astonishing novel about life and death, forgiveness and vengeance, memory and forgetting. It is, above all, a novel which finds light in the darkest of places, and shows how even when that light seems to be utterly extinguished, it is still there, waiting to be rekindled.’ (excerpt from cover of The Lovely Bones)

Miss ChewChew probably got this book for me before I told her I turned into a happy camper. From the description of the paperback above I can tell she was probably trying to help me cope through a dark phase in my life through literature. I haven’t finished the book. It’s put on ‘pause’ for now. It’s too solemn for me. I had only managed to creep past page 15 before I became too sick in my stomach to pursue further. Maybe I’ll resume this book during the holidays or something.

Thing I love ‘bout my Malaysian mates here in Indon is that I get to choose my own gift which really helps since I’m such a fussy pot and can be absolutely impossible to get gifts for (Miss Mumu mentioned this). I’m really cool with budgets. I don’t even mind if it’s just RM20 that a person wishes to spend on me. I’m thinking let that RM20 be worth the while. So anyways,Miss KosKos gave me a budget of 300,000rp (±RM150). Luckily for me, the Puma Mahanuala yoga bag was 50% off and so was the Rusty jumper (I SO LOVE THE DEVIL EARS!!). I got 2 great sh*t for the price of 1 *grins*

Miss MuMu was lost for words when she asked me if I liked stuff toys prior before handing her gift to me. Poor soul. I told her if there’s one thing I least enjoy receiving, it’d be a teddy bear. Perhaps I should have just kept my mouth shut but the damage had been done. It’s cute I suppose but… (so not me?)

People I work with chipped in for this. It fits.

I really like this gift. She shouldn’t have but she did. I had left my orange Parker pen back home in Malaysia which put me in such a stitch here ‘cos I hate having to go around without a quality pen to write on (with all the patient history taking / reports / notes-taking / paper work). I don’t remember whining THAT much to Miss RusRus ‘bout the pen problem but she really must be pretty sharp. I really needed this and I don’t even mind that it’s not pink. Purple Parker pen.

The safest thing someone can give an Aries chick is a voucher. Miss JoeJoe did good.

My parents RULE!! The ultimate gift for their FAT daughter. They really really know me. Love them to bits :) Now let’s just hope it works…

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