Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"looking for my #1 single..."

I’ve been following Lisa Loeb’s reality series: Number One Single lately. It focuses mainly on her singularity and pursuit of love. In the show she immersed herself into the dating scene, dipping her pen into everything from blind dates to subway interaction.

I find it fascinating because at this particular moment, I CAN absolutely relate to her. She reminds me of me. The things she wear and her big love for everything Sanrio. I laughed before I realized that that could be me. That’s me in my mid-thirties with no man in my life and a truckload of Hello Kitty paraphernalia. I’ve begun to explore the dating frontier and although the journey so far has been unfruitful, but at the very least, I’m still a lil’ *crossed fingers + toes* hopeful (maybe?).

She’s fortunate she’s cute so despite the aging process, she can still manage to pull off empire waists dresses and Chococat messenger bags. Me likes!! Also her hippy lifestyle has influenced her skin to tread extra slowly towards the haggard department. It really helps to be a celebrity. You get to make friends with other celebrities. Good friends with artsy-fartsies like Ethan Hawke and Cynthia Rowley. Man, that’s a great life. Some people may not be too familiar with Duncan Sheik apart from ‘Barely Breathing’ but she used to date him!! Nice. He’s hot too. And his latest album 'Daylight' is brilliant.

I would like to go watch her play. She put on some shows in Sanrio stores in the States which I thought was fantastic venues for a live play-off, especially her sorta music: light and angry. Me likes!!

Anyway this time she was out with a few close friends on a man-hunt. I mean she’s always on a man-hunt but this time it was with a good male-friend and a good girlfriend. They were scouting places likely for a girl to score a date with a boy. Funny enough, as Lisa and her guyfriend compared post-mortem notes on their dates, Lisa seemed a lil’ peeved that he had a nicer time than she did. And when they were at that small function in the writer Sue Shapiro’s flat, he seemed peeved that she was going out on a limb to make social with men to score as dates. It was so weird. The way Lisa and him wore their glasses, dressed and all that… they seemed so cute together. They were cute. I mean this f*cker smoked a cheetos for crying out loud!! Noone can get any cuter than that!! And their friendly flirting was like soooo I dunno… like how it is with Mr Orange and me. I immediately felt that same strange sick in my stomach sensation. Then suddenly as they were playing around, he slips his hand around her waist and BHAM he smacked his lips into her. And of course despite initial shock, she kissed back. Her friends gaped and gasped. I gaped and gasped. I screamed!! They probably screamed in the insides. OMG. He kissed her!! They kissed!! Twice. And while they were walking home, he shoved her towards the wall and snogged her again. I LIKE. I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE. Miss KhaiKhai went, “You know, people always search far far away hen the best thing is just right there in front of you.” I quickly made an excuse to go home. Cried when I reached my door. I just made a half-decision to choose friendship over relationship and now this happens. I’m back to being all perplexed and stuff.

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