Friday, April 28, 2006

i've got you babe

Ah Rmandha is asleep on my right while Ah Nggun is asleep on my left. Miss RusRus is chit-chatting with Dr Intan while I'm getting ready to doze off. I think 4 of us (Miss RusRus, Ah Nggun, Ah Rmandha + I) have some form of dynamic that's complimentary of each other. Really bizarre but true. When the 4 of us get together during 'jaga', some weird-out cosmic crap happens 'cos all the patients in the delivery room would deliver by approximately 8pm giving us time to clear paperwrk and finish follow-ups by midnight. Now that we're all finished with work, we can sit back... unwind and miracle of miracles: SLEEP. Today the rest of us got our own delivery. YEAYYY!! That was all I wanted: to at least get 1 delivery in Cibabat hospital before I leave.

Delivery is hard work. I feel so tired just after 1 birth. The mother is an old primigravida (1st time mother who's 40 yrs old). Her cervix (door to vagina) was taking forever to dilate despite the third oxytocin (contraction aid) drip. She had been in the delivery room since the evening before yet nothing... The child hadn't descend and she felt no contraction. I can understand how uncomfortable she feels but there was really nothing I could do if the baby's head isn't engaged. So there she was moaning and groaning for hours, kesian her. Sucks to deliver-eh? As I was going about the day, I gave her vagina a random check and suddenly BABY’S HEAD alert!! I quickly consulted Dr Intan regarding Mrs Teja’s current condition and to my surprise / dismay / horrors / weird delight (??) Dr Intan’s response was, “So?”

moi: So… what should we do?
Dr Intan: You mean what should YOU do?
moi: Help her to deliver?
Dr Intan: What you waiting for?
moi: I don’t know what to do.
Dr Intan: Do what you're supposed to do. Just help her to deliver. Guide her.

I wasn’t prepared to deliver a baby yet. I mean I haven’t really read through the delivery chapter and didn’t quite memorize the delivery ‘song’ [there’s a stupid indon nursery rhyme that the mid-wives altered to memorize delivery steps better. I hate that song] yet. And Dr Intan refused to help me and there was noone else who could help oversee my actions. Thank goodness there was a mid-wife student who stuck by me and helped me get the equipment ready as I paced up and down waiting for the right moment to start labour. When everything was done, I emptied her bladder with a catheter and got her ready to push. Mrs. No-Contraction just could not push her baby out. The midwives crowding by me were getting so exasperated ‘cos the baby’s head had been engaged for quite awhile yet no progress. She was old, tired and outta strength. Most of all she didn’t know what the hell ‘push’ meant since she never had a kid before and didn’t know what a contraction felt. They’re supposed to feel like sh*tting (people don’t really know but it’s pretty much the same thing and that mothers sh*t while delivery A LOT) and attempt to push the sh*t out. The midwives were helping me egg her on as well. One of them had already cradled Mrs No-Contraction’s head in her lap as she pressed on the latter’s belly. Another helped me to perform episiotomy (cutting through the perineum to make space for the baby’s head). I was getting all fired up encouraging her to continue pressing on that I didn’t realize the head had already poked out. The midwives quickly alerted me and I placed my hand just under the kid’s mandible and attempted to pull it out. The baby was still stuck so Dr Intan had to intervene by tugging hard. I never could bring myself to pull on the head so hard ‘cos it just seems so harsh and I couldn’t estimate how much power I should administer. I didn’t wanna fracture his jaw!! All of a sudden, BOOSH the baby "blojos "(splurted out). I was lost for words. Meconium had started to flow from where the baby came out of. Dr Intan snapped me outta stun-land and I quickly clamped the umbilical cord and snipped it apart. I was really concerned that the baby had not cried. I kept trying to look over at the perinatal nurses stimulating the child but Dr Intan reminded me I had more important issues to focus on like placenta-removal. The baby did cry after what seems like ages and I breathed a sigh of relief. The placenta removal went by smoothly and I had to wait till the suturing of her torn vagina was complete before I got paper work done. Sitting by the desk while filling in the parturition report, it finally hit me: I delivered a baby.

Bet you think the old chick's the mother: SHE'S NOT THAT OLD-LAH... she's PPP's grandma. L-R: Grandma mother's side, grandma father's side, father, baby, mother. Guess one of the most rewarding experience comes when the entire family comes over to thank you for helping save mother and child *beams inside*

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