Monday, April 10, 2006

hoot hoot

It was a lazy Sunday of which I did absolutely nothing at all except laze about n yabber with Miss MasMas. She was sorting out an emergency-go-home plan. Her grandmother just suffered from a stroke due to a brain aneurysm. Getting out of Indon is such a b*tch especially if the circumstance is urgent.

Things-to-do should we wanna leave the country:
1. Submit application for Exit-Reexit Permit (ERP) and Fiscal exclusion
2. Wait for the Dean or whoever's high and mighty enough to approve (this may take awhile 'cos he may not get around to do that, he's a busy man wohhh)
3. Collect both approved applications and pay a fee.
4. Make copies of them and submit copies for authentic stamping
5. Take ERP approval and submit to Immigration
6. Fill in 4 pages of forms twice, make copies of them and submit
7. Wait
8. Pay
9. Wait some more
10. Return after a couple of days
11. Collect
12. *phew*

Since MissMasMas needs this immediately, she consulted Kartik [I on the other hand, rent Kartik for his services every single time]. Since everything's so abrupt, it would only mean one thing: triple charges. He charges me double 'cos I DESPISE going to the immigration, not forgetting the fact I don't have the time and am just simply lazy. I soo ocannot be bothered that I don't even do the photocopying. Everyone can't believe I'm so spoilt that I won't even do the form filling(!!). Keekeekee. I don't think I can live (in Indon) without Kartik. Miss KosKos agrees. She too.

In order to get sh*t done, Miss MasMas requested Ah Koso help to get her to Jatinangor; he has a car. I tagged along for fun. Besides, I had issues to go over with Ah Koso: my Mr Orange dillema. I ought to have gotten over it... Guess I need more time to sort my emotions out especially what I really WANT *sigh*This L-business is trickier than I imagined. Upon arriving in Pondok Mulana (ex-housing area), memories of the ole days came flooding back. Everyone has moved on. Everyone except Ah Sham, he's the last of us still hanging around. And it's not as if he can't graduate 'cos he has the mind of, like, The Wizard of Oz or something. Good brain wasted on him... Might as well give me!! I really don't know what it is that's holding him back. To list his girlfriend (a junior) as prime suspect would be too judgemental. Ah Koso, Ah Sham's close friend, feels it's because Ah Sham don't yearn things like how we do. He's easily contented and he won't work if he feels the current situation suits him fine. Ah Sham and I are so different. I yearn for so many things. We dropped by Ah Sham's place to say hi. He and Miss ChahChah have a new pet. It's a baby owl!! OMG.

Story goes like this: the lil' bugger fell from somewhere onto someone's porch. Stray cats had already started to gather around for a potential feast. It turned into this big fuss and someone called the couple over. Nobody knew what to do with the bird; it being an owl and all till Ah Sham volunteered to do something with it. He once had an owl. He definitely is pretty peculiar :D At first Ah Sham couldn't really tell what it was 'cos from afar it looked literally like a pile of dust but as he approached the furball, the blinking eyes totally spooked him out. Miss ChahChah looked the owl up on the net and found that it's actually a Great Horn owl: ENDANGERED SPECIES!! OMG you know how excited I get with funny-weird sh*t. They taught me how to stroke the fella and I even got to feed him raw chicken :D We christen him: Burung. Burung consumes 3/4 a chicken every week. Quite a heavy eater for that tiny size. Now that it's permanently perched on their fan, I dunno if it's gonna ever know it was born to be a predator. I mean even its sleeping polar has turned human: it sleeps night and is awake during the day KAKAKA!! Miss ChahChah says they'll probably release it when it gets all strong and wishes to leave. Glad I tagged along. I get cool new crap happenings everytime I get outta the house..!!

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