Monday, April 17, 2006

crank it up

Today I am in absolute no mood to 'jaga'. Just hope the time ticks by quickly and the next thing I know, it's Monday. Actually I'm loathing tomorrow even more: my mini group's turn to do Bed-Side Teaching (BST) on Ectopic Pregnancy and I haven't read up on it yet. Better do some reading later. The next crappy sh*t is that I 'jaga' yet AGAIN on Monday's shift. Everyone thinks it's crazy and they're right, it's insane. Ah Ron had to leave for the satellite hospital in Astana Anyar so he HAD to get someone to replace his shift. Me, being the Good Samaritan that I am, agreed to do so. Unbeknown to me, I was scheduled for my own 'jaga' slot the very next day. So it's gonna be 48 hours of non-stop 'jaga'. Bloody crap. Also I'm freaking knackered-lah with it being the 2nd day my period. I'm cranky. Cranky cranky cranky.

Yesterday I woke up late. Got my period. Felt really frustrated. Must be the PMS kicking in. Funny, I had heavy spotting 2 weeks ago. I thought THAT was my period. My menstrual cycle is cuckoo. Crap. It was just beginning to form a good pattern. So, moody me didn't feel like talking but the whole world wanted to talk to me. Miss RusRus feels I have a dozen masks I put on. She may be true. Frankly, there are times I don't know who's the real me.

A chick, Pub-girl, came into the Gynecology Clinic. She was a petite lil' 17-year old with cheaply dyed hair [I should, I once murdered my locks that way] and thick eye-liner on. Instantaneously, based on appearance, I felt she would be what the Indons categorize as 'cewek gaul'. Initially she came in with chief complaints with pain in the lower abdominal. Pub-girl was referred over by the Internal Medicine department 'cos her Ultrasonography (USG) results came in negative for cysts in her uterus. Instead she was suspected of suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). She's a singer in a pub. *sigh* You know how the rest goes... In her medical record, she stated her marital status as 'single' but during physical examination, Dr Am found her hymen to not only be torn but very, very umm... how should I put this lightly: very, very used-lah OK [I didn't know how to tell, pictures in the books look different but he pointed out afew anatomical landmarks so now I can imagine]. It was only then that she admitted she wasn't a virgin and begged us to not tell her mother who was waiting outside. Well Dr Amran didn't give her face-lah (Miss MasMas says it's the 'sok garang' style most residents use so these young ignorant chicks would think twice before jumping into the sack again) 'cos during the physical examination, he kept badgering her for the boy's occupation and asking her when the bugger intends to marry her. OMG I could tell it was probably the most uncomfortable position she would ever have to live through during that 5 minutes with us. Already she was half-naked bottoms down on an uncomfy bed that has weird contraptions to hold her legs apart, the doctor is lecturing her while his finger is in her ass [rectal tussiae 'cos it's unethical to do a full speculum examination on an unmarried female according to Indon laws] with a pair of strangers (me included) staring up her *ahem*. I dunno... I thought we were taught not to judge but maybe this is relatively personal to each individual. Having lived in the UK and with almost all my friends having had sex, I didn't think it unusual. Maybe it's different here. Again I dunno-lah. All I know is that I had a duty to inform her to puh-leasee wear a condom everytime she intends to copulate. She doesn't. She almost did, once. It should be the other way around as in she almost did not use a condom but she did. Mannn...

I don't know why I can never really look like this outside picture world. This is where it sucks to be photogenic: you look like turd in real life

Last night, however, was nice. I brought afew close (Malaysian) girlfriends: Miss KosKos, Miss IyanIyan, Miss JoeJoe, Miss KhaiKhai and Miss RemRem for a mini-party. I've seen this place: Café Arar as I zoomed pass it on the angkot from Bober's Café [I go there for my sheesha fix]. It looked really pleasant from the outside. The heavy rain miraculously stopped by 6.30 pm so we were able to get there by angkot [I thought it was a nice gesture of the weather to be so kind... Thanks G*d or whoever]. The service was absolutely lovely and I felt like such a princess that night. They gave me a 20% discount 'cos we weren't locals anddd I'm thinking 'cos they find me endearing. Having my funny ha-ha face isn't too bad at all *grins* I got a free drink 'cos it was my birthday celebration. Also the manager told me if I sang a song [I did Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You and sucked at it], I'd get an additional discount. Man, you cannot imagine how ecstatic I was. It was a total of 30% discount and a delicious free drink. Me happy!!

The ceiling deco. Sweet.

L-R: Miss KosKos, Miss RemRem, birthday girl, Miss IyanIyan, Miss JoeJoe, Miss KhaiKhai (apart from Miss IyanIyan, we all sure need to lose some pounds)

There was supposed to be PINK theme going on but since I had no pink on, the best way to add colour is to ACCESSORIZE ;)

P.S: Bloody ward. F*cking A LOT of mosquitoes!! Cannot sleep!! #$%&*@$&*@#%!!!!!

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