Sunday, April 09, 2006

the dragonlady

Sometimes I get little perk-me-up news that just makes my day!! Ah Hathir was telling the lot of us that Dr Agnes was asking after me. It seems, she is quite fond of yours truly. WOW!! It's no wonder I didn't get shelling from her despite the time I f*cked up during my first Surgery ER duty: I did not notify my chief-intern that I was up in the Operation Room dealing with a patient. Although I did make sure my other patients were readily dealt with, it is still highly negligent of me to just disappear like that. I did meet her in the OR later on but she didn't seem displeased with me. Later on I learnt she was absolutely annoyed earlier on and it left me feeling bad that weekend. How come she didn’t yell at me when she saw me? She should have-lah. Then there was the time I was chief intern for abit. Everyone knew that if I started out chief intern I had to end chief intern. There’s no such thing as switching positions half way in Dr Agnes’ books. I was just holding the fort for Ah Ron while he made his way back from the satellite hospital. Everyone was absolutely surprised I had the nerve to hand the responsibility back to Ronald. I didn’t know that Dr Agnes was gonna be pissed over this. What bewildered them even more was that when she found out I was no longer chief intern that night she didn’t fly into a rage which she usually does.

Dr Agnes is a chief surgical resident. It is a very established post in the surgical world especially for a female in such a male-dominant world. I get very VERY flattered if a female of such caliber acknowledges my existence. For sure it would not be my intellect that she admires but even if it’s just my presence that is of substance, I'm delighted liao!!

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