Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the escargot fiasco

So glad to be home.

First on list: outing with Ah Choy and Ah Yeoh.

As usual there’d be the age-old dispute on whose car we should take and where the heck we should go. Sometimes I cannot believe that despite all these years we still bicker over those same 2 issues EVERY single time we go out. Fortunately for me since my Kenari is so DUNZO, it’s never in the running for the-chosen-one. Besides they’re both the sweetest things on earth and would never let me drive [or pay… YEAYYY!!]. I really don’t understand how come Ah Choy makes me do the spot-choosing when I’m hardly ever in the country. It’s been 7 years, and when I’m ever home it rarely stretches over a fortnight so how is it possible I know good places?? As for Ah Yeoh’s suggestions (more of The Star Lifestyle turn Ah Yeoh suggestions), after the stint in Frangipani, we tend to be highly sceptical of his proposals.

Eventually, we ended up driving around Bangsar in search of some place decent enough for a pleasant meal. As we drove by Monte’s, Ah Yeoh passed a remark regarding how he heard it was pretty good a place. Jalan Telawi didn’t seem to have anything enticing to offer so we settled with Monte’s in the end and had to drive all the way BACK to Bangsar Shopping Centre. We do that (runaround) SO much!!

Since Ah Yeoh was buying dinner, Ah Choy decided to be cheeky and mockingly wondered whether the lobster was fresh that night. Both of them always crack me up. I think we bring different dynamics to the relationship that, quirkily enough, we WORK. Heaven knows how but we WORK *giggle*. Ah Choy was serious about the escargots and scallops entrée though, so we got that.

(conversation)Ah Yeoh: What are escargots?moi: Posh balitung.

OMG I’m telling you the escargots were so YUMMM I almost passed out in glee :D There I was just lapping up the delectable delicacies (literal tongue-macking and finger-licking… so I’m GROSS… sue me XP) while the both of them stared at me like I hadn’t eaten in days. Aaah whatever. Nobody gets between me and good, expensive food. Ah Yeoh wasn’t really impressed with the escargots though:

clockwise from top L: j'adore escargots; Ah Choy; main courses; Ah Yeoh

(conversation)Ah Yeoh: I don’t know why people make such a big deal about escargots. I mean, she goesMmmMmmMmm. I don’t think it’s that special. Just food people blow out of proportion.Ah Choy: I thought the escargots were good. I like escargots.
moi: I concur!! OMG they were *feigns a swoon* Ah Yeoh, how come you didn’t like the escargots?? I really thought they did a damn great job with the dish-lah.Ah Choy: Maybe it’s ‘cos you didn’t get the escargots issit?? I only had one though.Ah Yeoh: I also only had one I think.Ah Choy: Got 6 shells what… should have si…*2 pairs of eyes dart at my FAT face. My eyes go into exolphthalmus mode*
moi: OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry!!!!! I swear I didn’t know we were supposed to have 2 escargots each. I just ate and ate whatever came in my spoons’ way. OMG I’m so sorry I ate all your escargots!!Ah Yeoh: Bloody damn greedy-lah you.Ah Choy: YALAH. Eat other people’s properties.
moi: *feels like sh*t… yet continues to chow down*
I really should be more attentive with portions. I mean thank goodness I’m just out with Ah Choy and Ah Yeoh so I don’t really care if they think me a glutton ‘cos they already know I am. Sometimes I cannot believe that I ate all their escargots. HAHAHA bloody funny that is, now that I think of it. My main course (some fish thing) wasn’t so great but I had lotsa white wine to keep me in the mood. It was good catching up with the both of them… cannot believe it has been 6 months since we last saw each other. My fault at that, I did keep my previous trip home a hush-hush. It didn’t really matter, Ah Choy was in Pattaya and I might not have gone out with Ah Yeoh alone. It’s simply juvenile of me to still be so conscious over the past… I should cut him some slack. So he fancied me and I totally did not fancy him back… so what?? I have to move on… he did.

Something uncomfortable happened during the conversation back in Monte’s that Ah Yeoh didn’t wanna stay for drinks with us. He NEVER not want to stay for drinks with us. We’re talking US you know? How dare he not stay? Ah Choy thinks I’m being paranoid about Ah Yeoh being blue since I’m such a positive popper this trip. Ah Choy ALWAYS thinks I’m being paranoid ‘bout everything. I really think I’m quite sensitive to situations. Just like the time I felt Ah Yeoh was hitting on me and now I am sure he merajuk.

(msg)moi: R u sad?
(after 2 days of silence)
Ah Yeoh: Im sad becos I ll never get 2 be al [as in Ah Choy] best buddy im sad cause u never gave me a chance 2prove a point Anyways I think I think too much Here’s to 12 years of friends
moi: Here’s d deal: sumtims u think u think 2 much but really u shud consider d perspective u’re thinking from. If u think 2 much fr d wrong perspective it’s really nt worth thinkg at all. U hv 2 start explorg d world of ideas out ther. It comes from reading, from meetg ppl, from experience. 1 experience don’t make u a guru… but yes, I agree I shud hv at least heard u out. Tat is my mistake n I’m sorry. Noone is ah choy’s best bud, includg me. 13 not 12 yrs.Ah Yeoh: believe me it’s a collection of evidences fr years of hearin ppl out n interrelate it wit mine tat I render it to be useful to talk it thru Wit u its like anything I said u’ll give it a no no as if its useless2even listen I admit sometimes I attempt of makin jokes & occasionally makin silly of myself but pls respect me as individualAh Yeoh: Its 12 & 3 month from Jan 94 All in all its good 2 know tat next time around I ll know how 2 adapt Oh another thing u guys r not the only reason why im sad
Ah Yeoh: If anything im just glad u guys r my best bud instead of others Gladly 2 join d pact I ll say im just not happy bein stagnant In another word I envy u guys but happy
moi: I know tat u envy us. If anytg, d grass is alwys greener. I hv new found motto in life: if u want sumtin 2 happen, u hv 2 make effort 2 go get it. U r young… there’s a big world out there 2 b xploitd in ur youth. I apologiz tat I don’t giv u a chance 2 input, I shud hv allowd diversity in conversatn

OK from a third party’s point of view, Ah Choy and I: big bullies and Ah Yeoh: victim. I admit I was rough on him. But he really should just stop trying so hard and just be himself. He tends to trip over his thoughts (worse than I do) and end up with the most juvenile exclamations (worse than I do). Poor him. It’s not that I don’t appreciate his outlook on life but there are elements in his perspectives that seems impractical. But then again, who am I to judge what is practical or the contrary?? I was a crap friend and I should have let him say what he wanted to say.

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