Friday, March 10, 2006

no dial tone

OMG!!! WTF?!! I am so frustrated!! Monumentally frustrated!! It all started when Miss KhaiKhai told me the other day there’s a way to get internet in our rooms… all I need is to get a cdma-card whachamachalit stuck in this slot in my Vaio and shazamm (!!) internet. The contraption is so-called sold OUT in BEC (Bandung Electronic Centre) so I figured it must be something pretty great. I thought I’d wait it out and see but my fingers got itchy for net-access in the comforts of my room so I dragged Miss MasMas for company to IP (Istana Plaza) this afternoon and bought it pronto. Everything worked out pretty fine and they installed it OK but as soon as I reached home I immediately tried to log on and guess what: “ NO DIAL TONE”!! WHAT TH..?!! OMGGGGGG!!!!! I’m so f*cking pissed ‘cos I paid a b*stard sum for this piece of cr*p sh*t metal and it can’t even dial!! OMG!!!! My biggest worry is that the Fren (provider) network does not cover my area. What?!! I cannot believe that I’m faced with the same connection problem as I did back in Jatinangor. I mean Jatinangor I can bloody understand it is a freaking kampung after all but this is bloody Pasteur where I live. The bloody hospital is my g*dd*mn neighbour!! This is the so-called third largest city so they had better not f*cking come and tell me that the coverage is only limited to the f*cking shopping mall and flanking buildings ‘cos I can get FREE internet access from Melsa (provider) in IP and I had better not have splurged RM700 on a cr*ppy wireless card f*ck that will not work in my area. I mean what’s the point in advertising this thing if can’t work outside the bloody mall??!! I mean like OMG SOMETIMES I HATE THIS STUPID PLACE ‘COS EVERYTHING I NEED TO DO HAS TO BE ATTENDED TO AT LEAST THRICE BEFORE IT CAN WORK. I MEAN WHAT IS F*CKING WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?!! WHY CAN’T THEY JUST HAVE A SYSTEM WHERE THINGS JUST WORK. WORK, YOU KNOW WORK?!! It’s, like, it doesn’t even exist in their f*cking vocab. Like they don’t know what work is. OMG!! And they complain that development in their country is going nowhere. Look at how they’re freaking cons?? Internet my *ss!! How to progress-ah?!!

I’m just so irritated today. Everything’s just going WRONG WRONG WRONG. First and foremost after morning follow-up, as I skipped into the Pediatrics common room to potter about while waiting for visite (rounds), Miss FikFik stares my way and gives me eye gestures. As I turned to see what she was gesturing towards was: it was Mr X!! Already I had to hide under tables whenever I saw him walk past me in the Orthopaedics department and pray he never ‘jaga’ the same shift as I… and now he’s here in Pediatrics too?!! Isn’t my life pretty much hell already? Someone up there in the high heaven must absolutely love watching me do the run-around. I tried to duck under a table to avoid being obliged to show acknowledgement but there wasn’t enough space to squeeze under. I HAVE GOTTEN SO FAT I DON’T EVEN FIT UNDER A TABLE!! So I sprang up and, very nonchalantly, seated myself on the chair. I could see from the corner of my eyes that he had spotted me. Drats. Pretended to be engrossed in my groupmates’ discussion on something random like omphalocele (pediatric disease where there’s basically a congenital malformation at the umbilical area forming a hole where the entire guts + other internal organs spill out from) or something. When he wasn’t looking I quickly made a dash for the door. Arriving outside of the common room, I felt a surge of amity. My group mates gathered around a resident to yak and stuff when he calls out to me. His colleague is supposedly infatuated with me. *rolls my eyes* Not another Mr Scary to add to my worries. It is then when Mr X walks out to join our friendly discussion. I’m thinking why?? He already knows how uncomfortable I could get around him so why do that? Has he no compassion? I mean I’ve already done him and myself a favour by leaving the room, the least he could do is stay in. So there I was forced to be pleasant and neutral with a person who just slapped me off with a fly-swatter. I really don’t understand the purpose of him acting this way. Does he really need to make my life even more tragic than it already is?? NO UNDERSTANDING MEN.
And then case report session was absolutely disastrous!! I mean for starters being Miss CessCess' partner is like putting Paris and Nicole up for an SAT exam the very next day. I am highly thankful that Miss CessCess, despite previous history of intolerable attitude, did the entire case report on her own. Whee!! ‘Cos I didn’t do a thing. Unfortunately, it came with a Miss CessCess price of course. It wasn’t exactly ace quality and we really got it bad during the presentation. Thing is I don’t really put the full blame on Cessy. Miss FikFik and Miss YuliaYulia were the ones who did the history taking and physical examination. Their results were pretty abysmal hence our abysmal report. I was just dismayed that they somehow or rather accused Miss CessCess of not following their anamnesis entirely etc… I think both parties are to blame: them for their absolute sh*t note-taking and us for our absolute sh*t presentation. There should have been no excuses and no finger-pointing. After talking the incident over with Miss HilHil I realized the reason why everything was blown out of proportion was because the duo already had beef with Miss CessCess and this just added to the building aggravation. Ahh I get it now. Still this was this and that should have been just that. You know women, we are so emotional. It’s no wonder why we’re not allowed to rule the world.

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