Friday, March 24, 2006

"hooked on a feeling, i’m high on believing..."

The best thing happened to me today. I went to the Pediatrics canteen to grab a couple of snacks (gorengan + teh botol Sosro) and guess who I happened to bump into… Mr Hotstuff!! *grin* Such a pleasure to see him so early in the morning. An absolutely great start to my day. I didn’t bother calling out to him ‘cos he looked really busy gobbling up a lontong. He must be rushing off to morning follow-ups. I, on the other hand, am totally free from follow-ups mainly because there are hardly any patients in the NCCU AND they’re already on monitors anyway. Coma patients are a sad sight especially if they’re on ventilators so I don’t usually hang around, if you know what I mean. As I was paying for my brief breakfast, I heard him call out to me :) *swoon*

Mr Hotstuff: You didn’t ‘jaga’ Sunday. You exchanged ‘jaga’, didn’t you??moi: (OMG HE NOTICED!!! KA CHING) Yeah…Mr Hotstuff: You were asked for that I was?? But it’s impossible, I’ve already asked permission from Peri (chief-co) and I was granted permission from Dr Daddy. OMG who was it that sought after me??Mr Hotstuff: *chuckles* No, I’m just Are you sure?? I mean who was it that’s looking for me? I have a perfect explanation for my absence.Mr Hotstuff: *chuckles more* No-lah, it’s just me. I was asking after *a little stunned* (OMG, he asked after me: double glee!!) *proceeds to playfully hit him*
Mann I sure wish he was mine. That chick of his is sure one lucky lucky lady. He’s everything I ever wanted in a man (I think) except that he’s taken. They all are. WTF.

clockwise from top L: most of 'em beloved angkatan (batch of '99) and of course never forgetting Mr Hotstuff right in the middle *grins*; moi and happy people; Miss RusRus + moi; moi + Miss AriAri

I’m so upset that today’s my last ‘jaga’. I mean it’s all very bittersweet really. I’m happy that Surgery is coming to an end ‘cos I’m so tired out by all the workload and constant ‘jaga’ yet I’m gonna miss everyone I ever met in Surgery. The ’99 batch who are ever so kind to me and the lovely lovely Surgical residents who think me a cupcake. Even the Consultants are pleasurable. I’ve been having such a great great time that 9 weeks passed me by in such a jiffy I haven’t even had time to mope. I’ve not cried at all the entire time despite PMS moments. WOW. I know!!
clockwise from top L: entrance to ER; lil' cubicle where the phone is + med supplies and wash-sink (sometimes I nap on that table in wee hours of morning); portable oxygen tank (gets spoilt alot); view of ER from main desk
Everyone back home and around the world are wondering how come I’ve not been corresponding… I guess I’ve been having such a great time I find no reason to have to b*tch about my life or pinpoint crappy aspects of it (which makes up ¾ of most of my email contexts). Surgery sub-division turned my life around: it made me fall in love with Medicine and most of all it showed me that life could be about happiness if I only allowed it to enter my door. I know it’s absolutely pompous to say but I am so popular it’s beyond me. I’ve always been slightly famous but here it’s like my Cheers where EVERYONE knows my name. And I love it that they do. It’s like my first taste on being a celebrity and I’m lovin’ it!! Surgery has taught me to give myself more credit and to learn to embrace my character than to try change it. Of course I will still continue my attempt at losing weight or being prettier but at least now I don’t hate how I look as much.
clockwise from top L: Dr Maya + moi; my favourite Ah Nggie; Ah Nggie + Miss InaIna + Miss MuMu + moi; moi + Ah Manurung!!

I mean, look at me, I’m actually staying till Monday for the last morning ‘jaga’ report. I NEVER do that. I’m always the first to jet home the moment the bell rings. But here I am, altering my ticket… to stay on. I’m actually wasting both a Sunday and a Monday. MANNN: I cannot believe my infatuation for Surgery. I’m hooked on it like a drug.

clockwise from top L: the Aquarium (feels like you're staring into a bubble yah?); Pharmacy depot where we get med supplies; my perfect i.v infuse; Ah Manurung + I (partners for the night) searching for rehydration calculations; moi practices safe medicine by disposing syringes at apporpriate waste container; pouting 'cos have to cover other people's patients since fella in charge went MIA

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