Tuesday, March 21, 2006

date non?

(sms)Miss YuliaYulia: Dokter Dadster says yes..! U named de day.. Dia blk slasa (he returns Tuesday). Maw lu yg sms dia or how (do you wanna do the sms-ing or how)?

SO I secara tidak langsung (indirectly) asked Dr Dadster out on a date. SO I’m a desperate spinster… SO?!! At least I can do something about it still. It all started today when Miss YuliaYulia runs up behind me and tells me the weirdest news she’d gotten while we were seating ourselves down for Monday morning’s mid-week ‘jaga’ report [basically every few days there’s a report presentation on interesting cases that popped up whilst ‘jaga’. I get really excited if any of the featured cases happen to be my patient. Almost every week ever since I started surgery, my patients happen to be stars of the day. It’s just one of those silly things that gets me really excited]. Dr Dadster. is A-MARRIED. As in SINGLE. As in DIVORCED. Whoah!! I’ve heard loadsa rumours ‘bout him like how he’s all involved with Dr Momster despite being all married and how his wife wants an open relationship upon where she, despite marriage, would like each other to be free to go out with anyone they like and there are even rumous ‘bout his wife being DEAD!! As Dr Dadster walked by, Miss YuliaYulia quickly called out to him.

Sometimes Miss YuliaYulia can have a tact problem. I mean OK it’s bad enough she’s questioning him ‘bout his divorce in front of our group but there was another group of interns in the Neurosurgery lobby as well. I bet he didn’t feel comfortable speaking ‘bout it. Anyway Miss ElsEls managed to confirm the fact that she’s bau-bau bacang-ly (distantly) related to Dr Dadster’s ex-wife. The world is too small!!

Basically since I’m his pet and he sorta owes me a meal, Miss YuliaYulia made it very clear, absolutely blatant actually *rolls eyes + shudders*, that I’d like to ask him out. He probably finds me as amusing as a monkey in a zoo which is why he agreed to it anyway. Oh well I don’t care, I really need to get a date before April turns f*cking 14!! I cannot believe it’s been a year since I made this silent pact to do so and yet I’ve done nothing and even when I do something it ends up amounting to nothing. And time’s ticking TICK TOCK TICK TOCK and finally when I do get gutsy enough to ask someone out he turns out to be in a relationship [Apparently Mr X IS IN A RELATIONSHIP!! OMG. I really should have done better research!! No wonder he turned me down and it’s also wajar that he did!! He should have just let me know from the moment I asked him out so that I know and things could be cool. Oh well]. And now that someone even bothers to wanna go out with me, he’s umm checking the D-box. Oh well what can I say?? Better than nothing. Technically speaking he IS single. I’m not really that jeepers creepers over the upcoming date, maybe ‘cos I’m very determined that I’m not his type and I know this is not going to turn into something further than a night out. I’m actually pretty cool ‘bout this. Basically he just left for Medan today for some surgery business and will be back on Tuesday which is the day I leave for home. I guess we’ll just have to pick up from where we left off after I return from Malaysia. Damn. Why can’t a date be easy for me? Why can’t they just be hot, single, available and open for dates the very next day??

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