Thursday, March 09, 2006

ah fit rules!!

I was deadbeat after ‘jaga’ so with the Surgical Pediatrics Polyclinic all quiet and stuff I stole away to the back examination cubicle to catch some zzzs. [Yeah, I’m tired and I went to sleep during working hours. It’s called Power Nap. Sue me!!] We were all supposed to go to Papa Ron’s for all-you-can-eat pizza buffet after the clinic closes. After sleeping for some time I suddenly woke up in a start, as I poked my head out to check the coast, guess whose face I saw first: MR Scary. Aiii!! My bad luck. He was definitely excited to see me. He insisted I sit with him as he had something really interesting to show me [It had better not be his c*ck]. He drew out the new Dopod pro 818 in black. He just bought it woh. He offered it to me timm. I still don’t know till now if he’s joking but he really did want me to take it. His excuse was that since I’m a girl I should use a cute one like it. It really was cute and the temptation was building. But OF COURSE I refused [how could I not? I had a conscience of a monk]. Firstly ‘cos it’s NOT PINK. Secondly, I bet he wanted something really naughty in return and thirdly, he’s not even hot. In fact, he’s so sleazy looking just a glance of him makes me wanna hurl!!

Sometimes Dr Dadster just makes me giggle like a school girl. Like the fact he goes: “S*****!! Come to Papa!!” everytime he sees me. it’s just absolutely hilarious. I really am gonna miss Surgery and all the attention I’m getting. Damn (!!) why do good things always have to come to an end?

Ah Fit is the absolute darling. He lets me borrow Mr Hotstuff’s passport picture to be scanned since I’m such a big fan of the bugger. Sometimes I just feel like giving him a hug [though I won’t ‘cos he’s a pious Muslim and all: I mean sometimes he’s even reluctant to shake my hand] ‘cos he totally gets me. He entertains my ridiculous whims and tells me those weird anecdotes that I love to hear.

Like this story on Adam and Eve (Adam dan Hawa-lah since he’s Muslim): basically since Adam gave Eve, like, a rib or half a rib or something, the significance of that is when a boy meets a girl and that part of the rib that was broken off for Eve tingles, it means he’s found his soulmate. That’s his Eve. Like OMG isn’t that story to-die-for??

I know Mr Scary gets a lil’ jealous when he sees Ah Fit and I hanging out or talking quietly together [yeah we yak a lot mainly ‘cos he thinks I’m a MAD woman and mainly ‘cos he listens to my MAD sh*t] and he started teasing the both of us. I mean how childish can he get? That is SO primary school. Grow up!! Also I feel he’s kinda making life a lil’ hard for Ah Fit too… apart from being all flirty with me, Mr Scary is actually quite a stern senior resident. I mean he basically yells at people and stuff. Everyone’s puzzled how come he’s so freaking nice to me. I seriously have no idea. I don’t understand why he thinks I’m cute. OK I AM CUTE but… I dunno why can’t he just find some other bimbo who’d actually give a damn. I’m sure there are LOADS of hot Bandung chicks who would love to give him the time of day, with him being a resident and all that. I’m like FAT and un-hot and weird. I mean he really puzzles me. It’s like to boys I really have the hots for, I’m, like, this nothing and to people who I totally do not fancy, they in some bizarre-bermuda-triangle way, think I’m cute. Why do I attract all these weirdos?!!

Anyway, in any case, Ah Fit rules!!

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