Sunday, February 19, 2006


Mr Hotstuff was wearing the university blazer today ‘cos Orthopaedics (his current sub-division) was having a brevet. He looks HOT with a capital ‘H’. I could look at him all day :)

These few days has been a whirlwind. First and foremost, most importantly, Dr Kiki told me I have made much improvement since my tutorial days back in Jatinangor. WOW. I don’t really know for sure if he meant it (‘cos he might be obliged to say it since he used to be my personal tutor back in days and he knows me pretty well ‘cos of the trouble I used to get in with my studies) but I take it as a huge encouragement. I mean I really thought I was starting to slip up with my constant need for sleep, absolutely compromising on studies and don’t even get me started on my debilitating social life [heehee not like I had one to start with, but one has got to whine]. I HAVE been busting my ass trying to impress Dr Kiki, despite the lack in intellect. I really didn’t want to disappoint him you know, with him being my ex-tutor and all. Besides he’s a great big supporter of the Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) which is the fundamental approach of my program. Not being able to perform well would be a disgrace to him and PBL. I mean, he pointed out from the start that he was in full awareness that I’ve entered the Surgical rotation. During the first week of Biomolecular lecture, I had fallen asleep post-jaga [interns do that a lot, it’s one the only times we get to catch a little sleep] when suddenly for no apparent reason Dr Kiki (who happened to lecture that day) calls out my name!! Thank goodness I have the ability to continue hearing when I’m semi-sleeping ‘cos I immediately jumped to my feet and went “Yes, Dr??”. My groupmates were amazed that I snapped so quickly out of my nap that I didn’t even look suspicious. The entire hall turned to look at me: surgical interns AND residents!! He just called out to ask how I was. Phew. And then when we entered Digestive, he spotted me [not really since I stayed out of clear view but he read my name in the roster and picked my group to be his. I knew if he saw me he’d do that but I forgot ‘bout the namelist so it didn’t matter that I stood behind Afit the entire time… we were gonna get picked anyway] and seemed delighted I had finally arrived at Digestive. “Sbaby, How are you? I miss you.” Crap. *rolls my eyes* Bet my group’s never gonna live this down. G*DD and boy did he pick on me constantly when it came to BST. “Sbaby, list me the criterias of Charcod’s Triad”, “Sbaby, what do you think of Miss FikFik’s statement?”, “Sbaby, do you know the answer to Ah Karto’s question?” Sbaby this and Sbaby that. Problem is I couldn’t answer alot of the time making me feel like such a fool afterward. Damn. So anyways you can imagine my surprise when he made the statement I mentioned initially. Is it possible that I’m better than I was then? Wow.

I jaga-ed 2 days back. Dr Dadster [didn’t I warn you about amusing Indon names?] was the chief surgeon-on-duty that day. I’ve heard much of him: like how he’s this absolutely big flirt with the pretty chicks, he’s REALLY close with Miss GirGir’s sister (she’s in Plastic and is supposedly a really smart-ass surgeon) [I have seen them hanging out a lot: having meals at the cafeteria, taking mutual ciggie breaks] and Miss GradGrad claims he hit on her. OK, sometimes I don’t know for real if she’s telling the truth ‘cos she’s quite the slut but OK. Also Dr Dadster first rounded us up together prior before Surgical rotation to warn us not to KILL people which makes him some big shot’s wingman. He’s hot too so he’s popular with the girls. I still think Mr Hotstuff tops the list but I can’t deny Dr Dadster’s pretty fetching.

The moment I arrived a patient’s med-rec (medical record) was thrusted into my hands and next thing I know I blinked my eye and it was ‘sweeping’. Crap. Sweeping already?? Quickly started to memorize my patient’s data. Blinked my eye again. BHAM everyone’s crowded around my patient.

Dr Dadster: Who’s patient is this??
moi: Me *shows hand*
Dr Dadster: Sing.
moi: [Is he serious? He really wants me to sing? I know interns jump through hoops (on fire even) for residents but this is such a weird request. What song should I sing? Would it be appropriate for me to sing Jason Mraz’s ‘You And I Both’]
Dr Dadster: What are you waiting for?? Start singing!!
moi: [OMG. He’s really serious. Everyone’s looking at me. Maybe I’ll sing ‘Negaraku instead’]
Dr Dadster: Female… so-and-so years old… sing!! Sing!!
moi: [Ohhh so THAT’S singing] 38-year-old female enters ER with chief complaints of… [Phew. Thank goodness I didn’t like REALLY sing]

He asked me so many questions that I could not answer. So there I was this mute statue in front of my patient and every resident + intern on duty that night. I really thought I memorized my patient’s history to the core. But then he started to twist things about and I was rendered speechless. The crowd had already moved on to the next bed but he was still hovering over me asking me how is it possible that I could have mentioned her mucodermoid carcinoma was located at her mandible. No meh?? I really swear it was her diagnosis. In the end after he finally bothered to rejoin the pack, I scrambled for her details: Diagnosis Mucoepidermoid ca. a/r mandible. SO?!! What did I do wrong?? Crap. There must be something I don’t know bout this. He turned back to tell me that he was ONTO me that night ‘cos he was gonna be on duty which meant he was going to spot check on me properly. Oh brother!! Everyone was so amused at the drilling I got. I’m used to it. With me being a non-Indon, the fact I share the same name as a car and my odd idiosyncrasies which people somehow find entertaining, I can’t help but be a candidate for attention. Ah Pas thought it was hilarious that Dr Dadster picked on me kaukau. YEAH that’s ‘cos I got picked on and NOT him!! Ah Pas’s a jock so I bet life’s never crappy for him. Plus he’s hot so… need I say more?

Halfway assisting Miss AriAri inserting a urinary catheter for our 2-year-old incarcerated indirect inguinal hernia (who was as rowdy as a mad bull), Dr Dadster pops outta nowhere and starts banging questions bout hernia to me. Damn. I had to dual-focus which drove me up the wall. It was not a multitask of solitaire and a phone conversation while chewing bubble gum. I figured he’d leave me to settle things before continuing the Q&A seeing as I was absolutely buried in work but he just stood there expecting answers. Oh brother!! I mean Miss AriAri was with me, how come she didn’t have to answer anything?? T’was just me me me. I didn’t see him asking anyone else anything. Man.

Later at night after things had subdued and my mood had simmered (thanks to tea with Ah Ggies: he’s such a cute bunny, how could I stay unhappy with his company?) I returned to hernia boy to reattempt getting his i.v going again after what seems like the gazillionth time that he either ripped it out or made it clog [for hours we left him alone ‘cos we were too frustrated with his animosity… puts me off having a child for now]. Just as I were getting it to flow, I turned to my left and guess who I saw walking by me: Dr Dadster. Crap. DUCKED. Stayed in crouched position as hernia boy’s mother looked at me in bewilderment. Aisay, I almost escaped the chase if it weren’t Miss MayaMaya’s ignorance of pointing to me when Dr Dadster demanded to know where I was. $%$#^**&*%%$%#!!!!

Dr Dadster:
What are you doing?
moi: *poke my head up from behind the bunk* Spoeling the i.v, Dr.
Dr Dadster: It’s 3 am. You didn’t go to sleep?
moi: Not yet.
Dr Dadster: Oh.
Dr Dadster: So. Figured out the answers to my questions?

moi: Well… *blabbers sh*t that makes no sense whatsoever*
Dr Dadster: NO.*goes onto lengthy explanation of correcting my mistakes, explaining pathophysiological mechanisms and constantly pausing to test my intellect only to be replied with cries of silence hehe*

I could see from the corner of eye people walking past my bunk just wondering what the heck Dr Dadster was doing yakking at me over my patient at freaking 3 in the morning. Even darling Mr Hotstuff looked quizzically at us. (Attention?? SCORE!!) Guess people don’t get lectured that much in the ER. At the end of what seems like forever, Dr Dadster suddenly got kinda nice. His face softened and the tone of his voice became less rigid. He told me that if I ever had any questions on anything (even if it’s outside oncology) and everything, I should make a note of them and ask him about them and that he’s available everyday at the Oncology Surgical Polyclinic to answer my questions even after working hours. WOW. He’s like super kind after all. He’s my new favourite person now.

I’ve been so fortunate in Surgery so far. People around me have been so pleasant. People I jaga with are lovely and almost every resident know who I am. Residents actually recognize me and know my name. Even I don’t remember theirs but they know mine. I feel kinda special. I don’t deny that I am (and try to be) my most pleasant self so perhaps the positive aura has been most welcoming. Though I still have 5 weeks to go so let’s just see how things go the rest of the month huh?

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