Wednesday, February 15, 2006

VD = venereal disease

“You’reee You’re my number oneee!! I’d do anything for youuu…” (parental units ringtone).
moi: Hello *opens one eye lid then the other*Dddy: Happy Valentine’s day!!moi: *reaches for watch on ledge; pry eyes open; looks at time: 12.03* Yeah… Happy Valentine’s day. (let me sleep!!)

Valentine’s day huh? The only male figure who bothers to be the first to wish me is my old man. This is yet to be another Valentine’s not optimally spent.

I woke up late and put on a pink shirt [I love M&S cotton shirts, they cut well and they’re so comfy to work in]. Consequently, I missed the routine morning follow-ups on patients. Miss HilHil managed to cover for the both of us, I think, in spite of her being late herself. The day went by OK and I managed to palpate an inguinal hernia for the second time (yeayyy!!) plus perform a rectal tussiae on a prostate patient. I still can’t tell the difference between an enlarged prostate and a normal one. Blame it on my SHORT fingers!! Already they look like Jiminy Cricket when I wear rings and now they impair my prostate-discriminating ability. Ugh!! When the day ended, I rushed off to treat myself to new Egyptian cotton sateen sheets. Miss KhaiKhai came across this joyous discovery a fortnight ago at Yogya supermarket and they were supposedly on 70% sale. Whoah. In addition to that, I overheard this American lady yakking to her friend about it on the mobile while we were getting a foot reflexology the week before. Got me all amped on them even more. Miss KhaiKhai’s motif was sold out and hers’ really posh looking. I had to settle for the white floral ones. I bought 2 sets ‘cos they’re SO CHEAP. They set me back, like, RM150 or something. Nice!! And I really had to change my grimy pillow and bolster so I did since they were on sale too!! Buy the pillow and the bolster’s free. COOL!! Before heading home I got myself an Oreo cheesecake, potato salad and Raspberry tea frapuccino at Starbucks to go. Got home and watched lots of Rome and Laguna Beach. Voila. Thus the day went by agreeably.

P.S: except that my bathroom light is out AGAIN. I’m like WHAT TH…?!! I just got new Phillips starters and a brand-new Phillips fluorescent light tube-bulb thing. DAMN. Now I’ve got to get the electrician over AGAIN. Hate this.

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