Sunday, February 26, 2006

"there's a hero..."

This an absolutely unfortunate looking picture of him: totally does him NO JUSTICE. He is hotter than this I swear on the heavens.

Just came from dinner with Ah Koso. It’s nice to get out once in awhile for food instead of forever terperuk in my room having TV dinners.

moi: Eh, you know this boy… angkatan ’99… Mr Hotstuff?Ah Koso: Yeah… the one that plays basketball?
moi: He plays basketball?Ah Koso: Yeah. Why?moi: I think he’s HOT.
Ah Koso: *guffaws* finally my little friend falls head over heels for anak I didn’t say fall head over heels. I just think he’s HOT. Though I get the feeling he’s a little… how shall I put this (?)… rigid.Ah Koso: He is from SMA (High School) Taruna (something-I-can’t-remember).moi: What’s with Indon and their obsession for high schools? I mean everytime I ask someone bout someone, the first thing they tell me is the high school the bugger came from. Like it matters!!
Ah Koso: It matters to anak Indon ‘cos the high school you come from reflects on the person you are or should be. Like Arshi, he’s from the same high school as Mr Hotstuff. Their high school is a military high school and the only way you can qualify to enter is if you’re an all-rounder excelling in sports and academics. Almost everyone from that high school is a winner. So Mr Hotstuff must be pretty brilliant. And I have loadsa friends from that place, they’re all rigid like you said… must be because of all the Oh.
Ah Koso: You like these sort of boys ah. The sort who are Hey!! I never said that.
Ah Koso: You didn’t have to.

It’s not true. I never said I wanted someone who was rigid. I mean whoever in the world would want a partner who’s a stiff stone?? And I can’t really say for sure that Mr Hotstuff’s unyielding… just that the other day when we had dinner together [Ah Pas invited me to have dinner with him. In a sense I felt really groovy ‘cos they’re both so exclusive and Ah Pas can be quite the snob. He asked me twice that day so it must have taken a lot of ego. KAKAKA. And how could I pass off having dinner with Ah Pas? He IS pretty. The bonus was having Mr Hotstuff come along. I should have known, they’re both somewhat inseparable or something] and I walked pass some people sitting by the curb when Mr Hotstuff stopped me in my spot to tell me I should have mentioned “excuse me” to those people. So righteous :P I don’t really know whether I like it or that I was the least bit amused he told me off like that. I’m still discerning. He’s lucky he’s HOT that I forgive him anyways. Who could stay angry with that face?
Ah Pas' making it really really hard for me and so is Ah Ggies. In fact it sure seems like the whole world expects me to declare some undying lurve declaration whatnot. Seriously. These people have to get a grip. I just like the way he looks. It’s not like I wanna marry him though marrying him would be good ‘cos my kids would be great looking taking after their handsome father. I mean there we were the 3 of us (Mr Hotstuff, Ah Pas, I) walking back from dinner in the dark and Ah Pas says out aloud: “I think I’d better step back and let the both of you have some privacy.” OMG!! I just died when he said that. Immediately the ambience turned ice cold or something and everyone fell silent. I was racking my head for a friendly rebuttal but I just couldn’t figure anything good enough to salvage the situation. Whilst that, I walked pass those curb people, consumed in my thoughts, without excusing myself. Hence the telling off priorly mentioned. Hmmph.

Ah Gianto was using the comp at the mess (for interns). Ah Gianto’s an old friend I met in Buddhist Society [yup, you read that right]. Used to go over his place quite abit ‘cos Miss MuskiMuski wanted to go borrow notes and stuff. I always felt Miss MuskiMuski and him had an unmentioned thing going on but they never said so I never asked. He had this weird thing in his room then like a helicopter hanging from his light switch with a ninja on it and when you pulled on it once the yellow light would turn on but if you pulled on it twice it would switch to white fluorescent light. Really cool. He did it himself. So anyways we got to talking and he started telling me really personal things about himself. Something bout early mornings just make people wanna narrate their life stories sometimes. Apparently he was never that religious either!! And during kebaktian (prayer session), sometimes he’d fall asleep. OMG!! ME TOO!! Damn if I had know we shared this in common ‘bout having to go to the temple, I would have SO the hung out with him every Buddhist Society excursion. I got the impression he was some religious freak ‘cos most of the weekly prayer sessions were always at his place and he kinda gave mini sermons after each get-together. He told me that he was requested to provide a place for prayers and to give a small speech at the end of the session of which he did but never voluntarily. So funny, weird funny. Anyways he does go to the temple now and is trying to restore some faith in his life. I really think it’s a noble effort. I believe I’ve mentioned before but there will come times when things turn dreadful and you have absolutely nowhere to turn to, solace comes when you turn to faith. It’s such a powerful entity this thing called faith. He asked me to tag along with him this weekend so he could show me that temples aren’t as scary as I think them to be. I told him I’d think about it. I am considering going. Perhaps it’s time I face my fears. And goodness knows how much I am in need of some faith.

Ah Ggies is SO naughty. We really are of a kindred soul. Too bad Mr Hotstuff doesn’t share his charisma. Guess you can’t have everything.

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