Sunday, February 26, 2006

s*bucks opening in bandung indah plaza (bip)

Perhaps all the solo trips (yes, I do mean putting up with those "I always see you here alone" remarks) to S*buck really paid off 'cos it got me all popular with the staff and all. So when they offered me an invitation to go to the big opening of S*bucks in the newly refurbished BIP, how could I pass it off?? Am I starting to get popular-o?? Yeayyy!! I got the invitation in the mail afew days before the event and was so excited to bring Miss KhaiKhai, coffee connoiseur, along so we could totally have some laughs. Unfortunately Miss KhaiKhai could not make it so I almost thought I had to go it alone. As I was headed there, I bumped into Miss KosKos who then proceeded to tell me the rest of them were off to S*bucks too but for Ryan's gig. Ryan's this upcoming star who sings soul and is supposedly really cute. Fortunately for my invite all of 'em got in for free and managed to score a whole bunch of free food and drinks. Yes-lah we're a big bunch of freeloaders. Cannot meh?! Was pretty fun-lah. Got to catch up with much girly gossips :D You know how much me LIKES that ;)

Miss KosKos and I: the two princesses of the day

Why am I so FAT? (OK we know the answer to that. Don't be mean. Let me mope)

I came 'cos I was invited. They came 'cos they were groupies. ME is CLASSY. But he IS cute *wink*

Hanging out with the band post-gig.

Indon tweenies all-time favourite past time: ending the day with a good-ole photobox picture :) Clockwise from top L: Miss IyanIyan, Miss KosKos, Miss JoeJoe, Shelbulous moi

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