Friday, February 03, 2006

say it ain’t so

I have no idea where people get the notion I have big passion for medicine. Today is yet ANOTHER day a person tells me he admires my zeal. Dr Aris told me my semangat is out of this world (!!). I’m like WH… AT? Frankly, people have confused my fears to be my enthusiasm. They don’t know every time come ‘jaga’ that my stomach ends up in knots and I’m struggling to not allow my legs to walk away from the ER. Also once I’m in-the-zone, I have this obsession where I’m so afraid to make a mistake that I try to be as meticulous as possible. I take the vitals on an hourly basis. I try to get them to calm down (though most of the time it doesn’t work). My fellow interns are surprised why I’m so bothered to check on patients when most of them are just finding excuses to go take a break or sleep in the mess!! Maybe it’s a feeling of inadequacy spurring this insane fervour of mine. I’m constantly bugging the residents for the next instruction. Maybe I come across as an insane bugger just dying for work, trust me there’s no other person lazier than me, but I really just wanna make sure nobody falls on my turf. Know what I mean?

My colleague last night was this eccentric fella called Ah Uto. The person who said ‘Strangers are just friends waiting to happen’ really knew what he/she was saying. I really thought I was gonna have another mundane partner for the night… on the contrary, Ah Uto turned out to be, like, one of my Holograms (as in Jem and the Holograms). His English was decent which made communication oh-so-much easier!! He claims he scored 637 on his TOEFL which makes him pretty much lingually at par with an average American kid. I got SO excited when I realized we were so alike and I swear if it wasn’t for his dark skin and my chubby cheeks we could have been twins!! For starters, being a doctor wasn’t exactly in the plan [so me]. His father gave him a choice of being a soldier or pursuing medicine, he chose to do both… the latter first [so me]. Given a choice, he’d drop everything to be a rock star [SO ME]. I have to give him credit ‘cos he could remember lyrics to El Scorcho AND he’s a semi Weezer fan (!!). How cool is that?? AND he’s a Beatles fan (!!). And he votes John over Paul (!!). I really don’t know how we got into the whole music dialogue but we did and it was so fun ‘cos nobody else I know really knows much ‘bout Weezer ‘cept for maybe Miss MasMas but she’s not really that interested in trivia. Ah Uto knew quite abit of geek-rock trivia. Being Ah Uto’s partner was pretty ace ‘cos he has this luck where all his patients tend to come with minor complaints and end up being discharged which is SO GREAT ‘cos there is no need for constant hourly interval monitoring or loadsa crap to do.

Our first patient was a grandma who got bitten by a rat. She didn’t wanna go through with the wound cleaning so she demanded she left. Our next patient was involved in an automobile accident with his son but he, too, didn’t wanna stay so we let them go. As for the third patient, the young boy, Mat Motor, was wheeled in all bloody in the face. You cannot imagine the look on my face when I saw the boy’s T-shirt: Weezer!! OMG. Destiny or what?!! Both of us knew we had to have him under control. Mat Motor was involved in a gang fight. There’s like 2 motorcycle thugs: Brotherhood something and B-something else. Anyways he was trying to escape the chase when they caught up with him and gave it to him severely in the face. He had a fractured mandibula (jaw) and lost some teeth. Mat Motor was really man about everything including not making a big fuss during wound toilet or injections. I was a lil’ peeved that they fixed the i.v catheter at the good hand ‘cos now my almost-new aneroid b.p cuffs are all soiled with the f*cker’s plasma since the arm I could use was filled with gashes. Gross.

Patient of the day: Mr Bobbot (tribute to Mr Bobbit) came with his stumped babyfinger. It was bleeding cuh-razily so the surgeon-on-duty had to suture him up quick. Everyone seemed to be pretty fascinated with the case so I thought I’d poke my busybody nose and check out what’s happening.

(conversation)moi: et causa?
Ah Ggies: isteri-ism.
moi: what?!!
Ah GgieS: his his wife??Ah Ggies: yeah. She bit it off. They were quarreling [he probably wagged his finger at her and she chomped on it. HARD].moi: OMG. She bit THROUGH the finger?? Bones and all??Ah GgieS: yup.
moi: did she give it back??Ah Ggies: where is it then??
Ah Ggies: probably in her SICK.
moi: well at least she bit off thaaat finger and not THAAAT finger
*looks down at his crotch*
Ah Ggies: SICK.

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