Saturday, February 25, 2006

mr scary

Tomorrow’s the end of Oncology. Boo-hoo!! :( I am so enjoying Oncology and just a lil’ sad to see it come to an end. I mean I always thought Oncology was like the most boring bit of Medicine but it’s NOT. It’s pretty out-of-this-world especially since Bandung, or perhaps Indon in general, carries such extreme cancer cases I can’t help but be so intrigued. Also Dr Dadster has been making the environment so nice for me. He’s taken a fondness for me which I am so enjoying and taking advantage of. It all started on Monday when I was thrusted a new patient… after history taking and persistent physical examination, I looked out for a resident for confirmation. Everyone else apart from Dr Dadster was busy handling somebody. I tried to hold out for someone else (still scarred from previous encounter during ‘jaga’) but it was taking too long so I had to resort to him in the end. He is a strict person but when he teaches, he TEACHES which I really appreciate [Miss NylaNyla (senior) told me back during the jaga-post-DrDadster-hammering that ‘marah itu cinta’: that he probably saw a quality in me that needed working on which could help me accomplish great achievements or that he recognize my potential and decided that I shouldn’t be a lazy-ass and waste my life away. Wahhh. Deep huh? KAKAKA. I disbelieved it then… thinking he just saw me as an outlet for his frustration. Miss NylaNyla might probably right… he really did wanna teach me something. How cool is that?!!]. At the end of everything, he asked me for my diagnosis. What?!! I wouldn’t know. I mean like hello it’s his job to diagnose, not mine!! So there we were seated, in front of the patient, waiting for me to come to a conclusion. I diagnosed it as a lipoma (fatty benign tumour) ‘cos of the soft consistency and benign characteristics. How would I know? As his hand scribbled out onto the medical record: D/K: Lipoma a/r …. I was like “NO WAYYY!!” Did I just make my first CORRECT diagnosis?? OMG!! I felt like I was standing on top of the world.

moi: Dr, is the diagnosis really lipoma?
Dr Dadster: It is if you think it is.
moi: Wait, wait… I mean I think it is based on bla-bla-bla... do you think it is??
Dr Dadster: If you think it is, it is. Do you think it is?
moi: I think it is. It is?
Dr Dadster: It is.
moi: It IS…!!

I was jumping up and down in my mind. I could see from the expression of his face that he was pretty glad I wasn’t THAT much of a nut-head. Yeayyy!! So this is how it feels like to be NON nuthead.

My group mates have this joke among themselves, which I don’t find funny, that at every end of discussion with some resident / department, they would leave me to be the ‘souvenir’. Example, the other time when we were done with Dr Dadster’s tutoring and he requested for a fee, everyone turned to me and told him that they’d wrap me up for him. WHAT?! Like I’m some kinda pet like a FAT cat (oh wait, that’s Garfield… OK FAT hedgehog) to give away like a pet. This happens a lot. I hate it when they do that but it’s some kinda Indon inside joke that I don’t get ‘cos the residents always find it so amusing. I’ve instructed them to stop doing so but they never do.

A few days back we were having post-mortem on my Mini-CEX exam with afew other group mates and my examiners when a senior Mr Scary walks in to have a few words with the 2 doctors. Before Mr Scary left, he turned to point to me and requested aloud that I was to be well taken care of on his behalf. I’ve probably met Mr Scary once during ‘jaga’ or something and he probably asked me to go fetch a syringe for him or something as trivial as that so I really didn’t think he found me any significant. Well later that day, as my group and I were having lunch together, I was suddenly bombarded with questions:

Miss FikFik:
So how well do you know Mr Scary?
moi: Not well.
Miss FikFik: Are the both of you close?
moi: No.
Miss FikFik: Have you met before?
moi: No. [where is this going?]
Miss FikFik: Then how come he seemed so friendly towards you?
moi: I dunno.
Miss FikFik: Do you know him? You both seem to know each other.
moi: Oh yeah? I think I only met him once or something.
Miss FikFik: You sure? Then how come when he came in he asked to titip you…
moi: *standing up from table* Listen here you biatches!! If you’re trying to insinuate that I’m sleeping with Mr Scary you are all f*cking outta your minds!! F*ck all of you!!

F*ck. I have no words.

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