Friday, February 10, 2006

little lily

Have my period. No wonder I’ve been so lethargic last week. It’s the silliest cycle: every month there’d be this period where I get abso-f*cking-lutely exhausted and I’d be wondering why why why?? And when the menstruation kicks in the week after that, I’d go “OHH no wonder I was dead beat before.” Although I keep track of my period (have been ever since I had a 5 month phase of amenstruation years back) I still go why why why and OHH every month.

I just realized I had gotten myself wrong sorts of pads AGAIN. At first, I got the wrong sort of material. I hate those embossed surfaces that feels like a plastic bag stuffed up your *ahem* and I bought those (!!). This time when I finally got the lining right, I realized instead of buying overnight ones I bought the sort for menopausal women!! The shape is absolutely a nightmare. It’ll take me 5 more periods before I finish the wrong batch off. Crap.

It was raining heavily as I approached the Ciwalk (Cihampelas silly version of Bintang Walk) exit. If I were to journey home, I would have too wade through flash flood yucky drain water and get my Juicy tracks all crapped up. Decided to get a reflexology massage before watching Memoirs of a Geisha to pass the time. I’ve grown so accustomed to watching movies alone. Don’t have to confirm schedules with anyone, don’t have to pick a common flick we have all not yet watched and all those petty nuisance when people watch movies in a group. Pretty good show. Spielberg did a good job… can’t compare to the book ‘cos it was years back since I read it. Just realized that almost all the chicks there are Chinese instead of Japanese. But Japanese chicks are so HOTTT!! Weird that in the end only the Snow Falling On Cedars girl made the pick. Perhaps Japanese girls still lack in the English dept. Yet… it’s not as if Gong Li and Zhang Zhi Yi were any good at it either. I’ve watched their previous international movies and they themselves admit they could not speak English for nuts then. They probably took a crash course with native speakers for this one. Japanese girls could have done that too, why didn’t they?? I really like the whole stop-a-man-in-his-tracks-with-one-look business. Such a powerful gift that is. I WANT a Mameha!!

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