Monday, February 27, 2006

hi-ho hi-ho

I’m waiting for Ah Gianto to come pick me up for temple-agoing. A lil’ :P ‘bout it… I always get like this when it comes to prayers and stuff. Maybe because I don’t know what to do that I end up feeling like an idiot. I’m tired. He’d better come soon ‘cos I might decide to forfeit the foray and turn to slumber land instead. I told Miss IyanIyan that I’ve come to a decision that I will not be looking for a relationship anymore but instead have some fun which translates as flirt / go out / date [I find that hard to believe though… Moi?? Dating?? XD] everyone around town. She’s really excited for me. Miss IyanIyan has been a big supporter of ‘have-some-fun’ and she has tried to persuade me to do so from the beginning itself but I was so persistent in finding my knight in shining armour that I forgot about the magic of being unattached. I will now exploit this arena I have left unscathed for so long.


Still feel a little lethargic despite my afternoon nap. This morning went by delightfully. Ah Gianto got lost and arrived a little later than expected. It couldn’t have been THAT hard to find my accommodation… it’s like the most famous kosan in Jl. Kesehatan. I was semi apprehensive having to travel on his kap-chai [eee-yer so the NOT glamourous!!] motorbike ever since I watched all the Head-Injury cases rolling in one after another into the Emergency Room: 95% of which caused by motorbike accidents. He brought me the safe sorta helmet (the kind that wraps the entire head and is HEAVY and has like this windshield thing that could flap up and down) since I told him a million times to, the day before. Breezing on the motorbike is undeniably very liberating and fun. No worries about traffic jams or whachamacalit though a clump of grey clouds did concern me. He scheduled for us to miss kebaktian (this is when there’s like an hour long of prayer session which I kinda loathe) which is great or I’d be sent to Uncomfortable Central pronto. All we came for was a short incense-burning take which is brilliant as a baby-step effort in my part. I played with the stick-shaking thingy where you ask like a question (in my case regarding Mr Hotstuff OF COURSE) and shake a bunch of sticks till one falls out and you get a reading:

Ciamsie No.85

Permulaan musim semi hujan angin halus terus-menerus
Orang yang bikin perjalanan seribu pal jauhnya
Meninggalkan yang sedikit ambil yang banyak tuan telah berhasil
Cuma sayang dalam perjalanan pulang sebaliknya tidak karuan

Maksudnya: Jangan temaha hanya mesti terima nasib, perkara harus didamaikan, harus jaga bahaya dari luaran percobaan tidak baik, penyakit melit, kalau sembahyang dan berdo’a pada Sin Beng, peruntungan bisa datang, selamanya banyak halangan dan kesukaran biarpun banyak berdaya-upaya, akhirnya tidak berguna suatupun.
Tegasnya: Dikasih adpis harus jaga apa yang sudah ada dan jangan bertindak sembarangan, nanti waktunya sudah sampai, pasti keadaan jadi berobah baik. [basically it all boils down to watchful waiting… bah!!]
After that we had breakfast together just outside and there’s this old man who makes a killer orange juice!! When Ah Gianto suggested we go to SuMur (Susu Murni), I figured he meant the next time we go out we should go to SuMur so I said OK. We got to talking while crusing down Lembang that I didn’t realize the journey was extra long to get home and when I finally did, he seemed to have turned back up Lembang towards SuMur. I thought it was really sweet but thank goodness I didn’t have another appointment scheduled or the surprise would have been a nightmare instead. Ah Gianto and I share a lot of things in common like personal responsibilities and emotional burdens. Sometimes I feel we inflict this upon ourselves but there are some things we just cannot help defending. He is such a planner and so am I. I can see that it weighs us down much but someone has to do the dirty job of being responsible. He told me of his ambitions and fears and sad things that have happened to him. Such an old soul for such a young age.

I had such a pleasant time despite the kapchai motorbike bit and the next time he promises to bring me to Boscha to do some star-gazing. How cool is that?!! I’m so glad we’re acquainted.

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