Thursday, February 16, 2006

everybody hurts

(email: Ah Choy)

[can’t be bothered to reiterate this incident so I’ll do it the DIFFICULT way of cut-n-paste]

“my patient just went home. his name is didin and he's 17 yrs old. he sliced his left forefinger with a sabit while cutting grass for his kerbau. he can't speak much bahasa indonesia so i suppose he must have not gone to school. they have their own local dialect here called sunda. anyway it's a bad cut where he sliced the entire bone making it a fracture. they couldn't afford an operation and made do with a miserable aluminium splint. i can imagine how the pain must have been unbearable. sigh. usually i pretty much am unfazed over sufferings but this case is exceptional. perhaps i'm pms-ing or maybe he just happen to strike a chord in my limp heart but he made me cry. i hate it that simple nice people have to suffer just cos he was trying to earn an honest living. i hate it that money rules so much of our lives that if it's not involved therefore medicine can't offer more. i hate it that after awhile surgeons get so numb that they don't even bother to pretend to be nice to patients. sigh. don't know if in the end he can move his finger or not cos his nerves seems quite damage after everything.

yah just wanted to talk about it. like i said before, i miss talking to you too. we are so fortunate. we are. we are fortunate cos we don’t have dying families and everyone is just great and and we're safe. we're lucky that we dont need to think twice to afford medication or that we dont have to think twice when it comes to food.

p.s: ah fit's patients was this cuhrazzzzzzy case. this crazy anak slashed or was it shopped his mum's neck with a parang. it looked so freaking bad. all the craziness in the damn world.”

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