Thursday, February 23, 2006


(email: Sophiekins)
[as usual-lah can’t be bothered to reiterate this incident so I’ll do it the DIFFICULT way of cut-n-paste]

“oiii punk.

it's not that i don't reply your mails. i don't have the time. and when i do, i don't have the mood cos i'm so f*cking tired or bored that all i wanna do is sleep or watch dvds. and my timing nowadays is so frantic that i can never make it to the post office in time. they close at an odd hour of 2pm or sumtin like that. so the only time i can send you something is when i'm home and actually i did write u a letter but i forgot to put it into the envelope with ur stickers + scrunchies. i left a note for mum to send it to you with the cny card but i dunno if she did... you know her. she hoards unsent mails.

yeah the aygo's pretty cute. funny how there's still no launch of a new toyota when Miss KeaKea has been driving her yaris for years and yaris is now in indon. so maybe we either get a yaris or an aygo. i just want a new car period. don't care if it steers away from our signature colour. i mean here i am in my great outfit and my vuitton but i climb into this broken down murmuring engined piece of *ahem*. ok so I’m starting to sound like a brat but the car's really DUNZO (learnt it from laguna beach, you gotta watch it. it's mtv's reality tv: the REAL oc). bring home the series for you ok. together with 1 3 hill.

didn't manage to catch that spanish apartment film you pointed out. was too busy dealing with nonsense back home: visa and what not. celebrity is still in the books. saw that lavinia tan girl. she is pretty outgoing but damnit she's cock-eyed-lah. thing is she's boyish, which to lonely planet probably translates as adventurous, and she probably has some talents that none of the others usually have... she seems the sort who could ride a motor bike, climb a cliff and eat crap. i don't find her particularly interesting as i do ian wright.

boys are such #ssholes. oh well. what can i say? not like i ever had many good memories that involve their gender. miss remrem's tarot cards revealed that almost all the boys in my life have been deceits and they they were such liars that now i'm scarred for life. which is true. maybe someone cursed us or something but whatever it is i really hate it that they lead me on. i don't know if they treat all girls like that but somehow i end up being part of the list. i mean you DON'T HAVE to be that nice to me if you have a girlfriend. and you don't HAVE TO BE such a hero and save me from my dillemas if you're not interested in me. they do that and then i fall only to realize to myself they'll never leave their stick-insect girlfriends and they just run to me when they want everything other than a relationship. i don't want that anymore. so now i'm just befriending EVERYONE (and getting really really popular whilst at it which is weird... i didn't even crave for that popularity. everyone just happen to know me. i don't even know them most of the time) and trying to have a platonically good time with boys. i have like really cute boys in my circle of mates like mr hotstuff for one and eh pas and ah nggie and so many others. oh and of course like i mentioned long time before that i communic8 really well with boys who are known to be attached cos i don't freeze up and say sh*t. also maybe cos i'm malaysian and i'm quirky. guess it helps to be an individual... i just realized i gobbled out a whole bunch of shit but i'm too lazy to erase so i'll just keep the paragraph.

Miss HannonHannon's (our cousin) asking why you haven't been replying her email. i haven't either. hahaha.

what else is new?? the fact that last night i went out on a school nite and had like 7 drinks!! it was a 2nd degree friend's bday bash and i got invited along with few other girls to this partayyy in a mexican restaurant. basically the weekend before this i tagged along miss renjitrenjit's new boyfriend's crowd to club on a weekend. free flow of drinks on them and an exclusive spot at the

reserved vip space. i really could get used to this. i mean none of them appealed to me at all but the perks were there. besides they're all indians so that keeps me safe in a corner at least and i didn't have to watch my actions to impress anyone which felt SO liberating. and then one of em came over and invited us to his bday thing. they're all really rich so free mexican food and alcohol. i could not say no. i mean i really contemplated not going cos of work blabla but f*ck it-lah i have been containing myself for 5 freaking yrs and i'm just gonna have to be a lil more spontaneous if I want things to progress with my social life. i saw myself in some pictures recently and i realized i lost my glow. the glow that makes me ME. it horrified me. after this outing i got a lil of it back but it came with a price. i kinda f*cked up a clinical skill test i

had today cos i returned at 2 in the am and didn't have time to study for the test later that morning. suck. plus i woke up late and now i have a penalty paper to write. i mean the aftermath literally sucked and i was feeling really sucky the entire afternoon but i'm better now. i decided i shouldn't waste my joy. and if i f*cked up the test today i'll just have to persevere and do damage control pronto. i must not make myself regret that nite because it was such a great night. i sang to the crowd too. i haven't done it since i was traumatised by the entire jatinangor idol incident but it was for fun. and it got my singing

confidence back up. do you know ah nand "bday boy" calls me PING PING? OMG!!! cos we were all introducing ourselves to him, since he invited us without being fully aware who we were at the club, and he heard all our names wrong and when it came to me he swore he heard ping ping. there is not even an inch of relevance between ping ping and sbaby. but it was such a

laugh. the girls there were HOT. and his fiancée this indian girl from singapore looked like a hindi filmstar. they all do. guess all rich northern indians all look like that.

other than that umm... my room's a big pile of mess that i intend to clear this weekend. i jaga tomorrow which sucks but at least it keeps my weekends free.

dunno what else to talk about-lah. most of the random trivial crap you can read off my blog. it's not like i'm not trying to write you or anything. just got nothing to say at least back home i can send you parcels with crap which is worth more than i could ever wanna say. know what i mean? oklah. bye. take good care. study your m*tha f*cking ass off. got some relatives gossip i will write you later about. till then…

all my loving,


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