Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"all i wanna do is have some fun before i die"

I hate it that people are starting to tease me with Mr Hotstuff. I’m just trying to make a friend that has a face of an angel. Now I’m sure he’s going to be sent into Uncomfortable Central and there’s gonna be a halt in what could be a really great friendship. OK-lah maybe not that GREAT a friendship. For me, mostly, it’s more of not being able to look at him anymore without him giving me an “Oh boy” expression. It hasn’t happened yet but it might as well happen. It always does anyway. *giggle* I know I’m blowing this outta proportion but his face really lights up my day. And it’s been a long while since I had innocent girly-girly crush. And I just lose it when people give me such a hard time when cute boys wanna be my friend. So what if I’m FAT?!! So what if boys wanna make friends with a FAT girl?!! F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a g*ddamn break!!!!!! Society are such *ssholes sometimes. I mean already they don’t allow me to date pretty boys, now I can’t even ‘friend’ them?!! What is it that makes the world so inferior to me that they have to sabotage a small good thing that may happen in my life? Sh*t. Now I’m all riled up.

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