Sunday, January 15, 2006

sam seaborne (the west wing): self-deprecation is the appetizer to charm

I couldn’t agree more. Been catching up on The West Wing episodes with it being the last day at ENT and all [meaning freedom at last!!]. Miss MasMas and Miss IyanIyan are going out clubbing but I didn’t feel up to it [clubbing here = no fun anyways]. I tried to overload on Atomic Kitten: Feels So Good to see whether I’d have a change of heart but I still felt like hanging out exclusively with yours truly. Anywayyy watching The West Wing always leaves my forehead in a stitch. I can’t help it. I have NO idea what’s going on most of the time and it actually gives me a headache if I really wish to decipher what everyone is saying since they all speak AT THE SAME TIME at unmentionable speed. G*DDD I sure wish I had their charisma. Oh oh and guess where Babish is going for his vacation: Sarawak (!!) [he pronounced it Sarah-wack] *guffaws* ANDDD President Bartlet called it Asia’s best kept secrets. Malaysia is Asia’s best kept secrets. Not bad, not bad at all. So since I’m suffering from a minor migraine with all the intellect overdrive I decided to give politics TV some rest and use the plug (for my portable DVD player) to charge my Motorola Bluetooth instead [see ]. That’s the life of a M-m-m-material Girl.

P.S: I moved the My Music folder into my D drive and now I’ve got to RELOAD everything into my Library playlist all over again. This is the one cacat aspect of iTunes.

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