Monday, January 02, 2006

right again

2006. Woke up later than usual. Must be because I polished the entire bottle last night. The electrician came, finally(!!), and fixed my bathroom light. 2006 is all about fixing broken corners of my life perhaps (?). Now it’s all bright and good.

Lumpia basah is basically bean-sprouts + white carrot + egg cooked char-kuey-teow style and wrapped in popiah skin.

Since the nasi lemak stall was closed, I decided to go grab some fast-food at McDonald’s. As I alighted from the Margahayu-Ledeng angkot, I caught a glimpse of a lumpia basah stall and decided to have that instead since it costs lesser.

I really like what they (Koganateppan) did with the sky-light.

Did a little room cleaning. Watched some more Angelina Jolie DVDs. Miss MasMas came over and I layan-ed her ‘cos she looked like she needed a friend. Her G-spot AMild is pretty good. I didn’t even gag at all. Didn’t really like the menthol aftertaste but nonetheless it was nice. Miss MasMas says Amoi / Miss YieYie found new sticks (Esse) as slim as the Vogue sort but with lower tar etc content. I told her to investigate this truth. We shall convert to this healthier product should it exist.

The night ends. It’s the start of a gruelling new year.

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