Wednesday, January 18, 2006

it's a small world after all

ah choy says:
what r u doing up so late
ah choy says: where u at?? starbucks??
ah choy says: still openn so late??
moi says: i'm home. starbucks don't open so late [I was telling the truth. I was HOME. He just didn't bother to ask which. And Starbucks wherever don't open that late]
moi says:
google searching my hse
moi says: u shud try:

ah choy says: yeah... dl it oledi...
ah choy says: but can't seem to find my dj house
ah choy says: what u enter in the search??
moi says: didnt enter anything. find-lah thru topographic landmarks
ah choy says: can onli put selangor, malaysia
ah choy says: what landmarks... its not very clear

moi says: at first i got lost somewhere... now i think it is kelana jaya
ah choy says: gimme the location...
ah choy says: how many north, south??

moi says: then i go here go there... found 1utama
ah choy says: issit...
moi says: then from there trace to ikano / the curve
moi says: then my houselah
ah choy says: gimme 1u's location on the map
moi says: i give u my hse location then u backtrace from there-lah ok

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