Saturday, January 28, 2006

it's a bird, it's a plane...

I am SO tired. I haven’t slept a wink in 36 hours. 36 f*cking hours!! OK-lah perhaps I’m exaggerating: I did nod off 4 times and napped for 10 mins but damn, that’s probably just 20 minutes worth of sleep. I’m tired but I’m happy. On abit of a roll really. The past day and a half has been one of the best days ever since I started internship.

As a Surgical intern, we are required to do “jaga” / night duties every 4 days at the ER (ER weiii!!) from 2pm till 6am the next day and 10am on weekends. I felt quite timid ‘cos I was the only Urology intern to be on duty yesterday since I was the odd one out of the triple pairings. Although the UGD (Unit Gawat Darurat) aka ER in RSHS (Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin) isn’t as fast-paced and well-equipped as the one on TV (as we’re not on a 40-mins show slot and Indonesia don’t have many high-flying tax-payers) but the gist remains.

I decided to start off in my day clothes in case it gets soiled I’d have my scrubs to change into. We’re required to eventually wear scrubs later in the evening. Thank goodness there were so many familiar faces on duty that shift: Miss RusRus, Miss MuMu, Miss EwiEwi and most of all AH GGIES!! Oh how I miss Ah Ggies!! And I thought I’d never have the chance to hang out with him ever :) He’s just this absolutely great person that I very very like. His super cute American accent is to-die-for. I thought he’d make a great boyfriend for Miss KosKos but the lil’ b*tch Jasmine got to him first. Oh well. Not that I didn’t try *shrug* Since I really didn’t know what “jaga” is all about I trailed behind those who were familiar with the chief intern: Mr Hotstuff (more about him later *smirk*). Mr Hotstuff assigned me with Miss EvaEva (a senior) to a patient Mr Y. I was slightly familiar with Mr Y ‘cos the residents covered him in case-reporting session with consultants a day before. Brief history: approximately 2 days ago he was electrocuted and proceeded to fall from a height of approximately 8 meters. He is waiting for the green light from the OT for debridement but is not able to do so as there aren’t any beds available in the recovery ward.

The first thing that really hit me the moment I stepped into UGD is the (hmm… how can I put this lightly?) scent. No wonder people had to cover their noses and most of the newbies had masks on. I, myself, almost puked on the spot and it took me awhile to get used to the environment but I did in the end and I didn’t even have to put a mask on *snap snap for me* I didn’t know what to do. They thrusted his medical record into our hands and expected us to go on with it. Miss EvaEva had some experiences, I presume, ‘cos she looked like she kinda knew how to go about everything. Basically since he’s an electrical burn victim, it’s important for us to monitor his fluid input and output to make sure he doesn’t suffer from extreme dehydration. Also it’s essential to make sure his vital signs are stable. There I was just looking, (burn patients stink) totally flabbergasted at the sight of him. I mean they want me to handle him?? I’m not even that great at taking blood pressures(!!). I decided to try to be more useful than that. I mean I did desire the change in having more faith in myself. I proceeded to take his pulse as Miss EvaEva took his BP (blood pressure). Next thing I knew: ‘sweeping’ by the residents. This is when residents go from bed to bed checking on the patient’s progress, giving out orders and asking interns QUESTIONS. At least we were done with vitals so it could account for something. I could feel that Miss EvaEva desired something more than Mr Y (old patient) and she got what she wished for as Young-Man-F walked in with a heavily bleeding nose from a traffic accident. There were so many forms to fill and so many stuffs to be done with a new patient. Things just happen so fast and she spoke so swiftly. I felt very perplexed. I should have written a list of things-to-do. Never mind, I will the next time. He didn’t seem disorientated or suffered from any pain except his bleeding nose so it wasn’t a serious case probably to Miss EvaEva’s dismay. I suspect she was searching for something exciting. As for me, I just wanted to be sure I didn’t kill anyone. In a sense I really felt I was left to pick up the pieces. Oh well again. I shouldn’t complain, I have to start somewhere. Young-Man-F was a school boy and didn’t have money with him so Eva advised me to keep an eye on him or we’d be burdened with HIS medical fees. He had to have a chest and face x-ray to eliminate any other injuries that might have happened. The problem with the system is everytime you wanna do something, you gotta write like a mini letter to the dept, meaning:
Dear Mr in Radiology, 
Here we have a patient who requires blablabla, this-that this-that..
Thank you.
Your colleague,
Weird. I mean the American ER has x-ray machines attached to every bunk. I made sure I was extra-friendly with the radiology people to see if they could squeeze in my patient pronto.

Waiting for an X-ray is the biggest curse in UGD. You seem to have to wait forever!! Ah Oki (Ah Dintyo’s basketball partner, I knew him by face and the fact he plays the saxophone) was waiting for an X-ray too. He’s down from OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) with his cervical cancer patient. The one thing I absolutely love ‘bout being an intern is that NOW I have loadsa sh*t to ask / say to people I never knew what to ask / say to. Also I was brushing up on my conversational skills. He’s a real sweetheart; I mean he plays the sax for crying out loud (!!), so the small talk was pretty pleasant. I asked ‘bout his braces (yeay for our common denominator!!) and OBGYN. We exchanged info on our patients and grumbled ‘bout the never-ending wait just to get a couple of films of our patients.

When good cases come in and require immediate resuscitation, you can see interns quickly crowding the bed attempting at trying to score THAT patient and hopefully be able to gain experiences in rare experiences like assisting a thoracotomy etc. I was too busy with Mr Y to patt-kua. At one point Mr Y’s i.v drip got stuck and blood started retrofluxing towards the Lactate Ringer unit. Despite being given clinical skills, somehow everything I ever knew seem to have evaporated and I’d stand there like a moron just racking my brains of what to do. I feel the worst when things like these happen. I’m working to be more productive than that… everyone must have been too busy to notice that I turned into a stone figurine… everyone except probably Ah Pas. Suddenly someone stepped in.. asked me how things are going.. I pointed to the problem.. he took my hand and guided me with the most gentle voice and smile.. and now I roughly know troubleshoots when it comes to clogged i.v. I definitely am going to make Ah Pas my new found friend. Ah Pas is Hanamasa boy. Miss KosKos and I christened him that ever since she fell in love with him years back. I can’t wait to tell Miss KosKos that he is even sweeter in real life and the absolute gentleman. He comes off a little snobbish but ahh well all hot boys are like that somewhat. He was like my mini Superman. There were a couple of times when he swooped in and got me out of difficulty :) I’m all smiles for him.

Mr Hotstuff is H-H-HOT!! Sometimes when he smiles my way, I swear I could get an acute myocardial infarction.


yeahway said...

i like the way u've decided to space out your blog entries.

Too bad i'm going to leave a comment before your entry! Must have gone back in time! haha

shelbybaby said...

yeahway: right.. very smart :P

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