Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I had a very pleasant day today. It was a regular, tranquil, ordinary day and I LOVED it!! It started with me waking up at 6 am and having the liberty to shut my eye lids and continue with lala-land for another 3 hours. This autonomy is an atypical happenstance that it seems almost surreal. When I finally bothered to wake up, it felt like I just rose from a good dose of zzzs (of which I did but sometimes despite the 10 hour sleep, you end up waking feeling like you only managed to scrape 1 and a half). Glee.
Dddy told me to give him 10 mins to confirm his sched when I asked him whether he was in the neighbourhood for lunch. 10 mins turned into 3 hrs!! Despite the lengthy delay, the answer was a ‘no’. Thank goodness I was too preoccupied catching up with new clips on MTV and Channel V to notice. The rock and indie era is back. Most of the tunes on the top charts have a rock edge to it even pop barang-barang like Kelly Clarkson and Ashlee Simpson’s. I’ve noticed an ascending influx in the indie genre in Rock Corner too. It was an R&B-fest prior to this and bubble-gum pop aforementioned to that. No wonder my Shuffle is 89% filled with guitar-based melodies. Bring back Britney and SClub7!! Whatever happened to good ole pop?!!

I decided to do some light retail therapy beginning with L’Occitane. Got myself a bottle of cleansing water ‘cos I couldn’t be bothered to slab on the routine sh*t. Just need something to clean my morning mug-shot in a jiffy since I’m always on snooze, leaving me with less than ample time to get my ass to the hospital. Once Surgery dept begins with the long hours and truckload of work everything else trivial needs to be *snap snap*. Hence the purchase of *snap snap* skincare. Then I stocked up on mellow CDs to teman me on those late-night clinical science paperwork or patients’ medical report :P Now I know why doctors despise paperwork. It’s such a bother(!!). What really sucks about Rock Corner in The Curve is that it has an exclusive Visa / Mastercard policy and my Visa comes with a credit-limit which I absolutely detest. Also Rock Corner, The Curve doesn’t have some of the good sh*t they have in 1Utama’s Rock Corner like DCFC and the like.

My list of CD purchases:
Sugababes: Taller In More Ways [the long-awaited album especially since Mutya got herself knocked up. I am thoroughly disappointed that Mutya has decided to leave Sugababes over ‘personal issues’ (probably her kid). I mean she really oughta take a leaf outta Kerry Katona’s shouldn’t-have-done-it-as-tempted-as-I-was list which was to leave Atomic Kitten (look at them now!!) apart from frolicking-turn-getting-hitched with Mr Potato Bryan McFadden]Sigur Ros: Takk [there has been excessive rave on this Scandinavian(??) band so I decided I’d just see what all the fuss is about. I heard them once on MTV, they remind me of a cross between OAG and Wheatus. Kekeke]
The Beatles: For Sale [I’m attempting to collect all their albums. Their cheap locally produced ones are sold out in Indon but I found some stash in Rock Corner. Will try to kumpul my money and stock up before they run out. I am abit of a Beatles freak]Snow Patrol: Final Straw [this is lame. I already have their CD but this one is dual disc with DVD on the other side. I could not resist. I LURVE Snow Patrol, I’ll just give my old Final Straw to Sophiekins]
Radiohead: OK Computer [finally. After 9 years of dallying. DinoJr’s life anthems are contained in that record. DinoJr is this REALLY REALLY old internet friend who worships Thom Yorke to his toes and would bathe with glee in that weirdo’s shadow if he could. I met DinoJr. It was bizarre and I swore I should never wish to do internet meet-ups again. More about him next time]Thirteen Senses: The Invitation [recommended by record store sales assistant. Trust her judgement. She WAS spot on with The Arcade Fire: Funeral previously after all].

I usually have sashimi when I’m out gallivanting on my own because the parental units don’t eat no sushi and it’s one of life’s luxuries unavailable in Bandung. Sakae Sushi rocks!! Sitting in those lil’ couples cubicles made me realize I looked so Cruise collection with my nautical-esque long-sleeved black-white stripe Ralph Lauren tee (merci pour cadeau, Sophiekins) and skinny River island black jeans and my yellow Vuitton Cabas Globe Shopper. My imaginary Hamptons moment!! KAKAKA.

After lunch as I was headed home, I passed Borders and decided to go sit amidst new books. So there I was slightly sprawled upon the carpet-flooring of the Self-Improvement aisle just soaking in the zen-like ambience before getting shooed out for having an ice-cream cone in my hand. Borders really should get a grip. I’m 24. I CAN hold my ice-cream cone fine. As I turned to the car park I saw the cutest boy reading what I figured must be an automobile magazine in Borders’ mag corner. There he was in a working shirt and jeans (BOYS ARE SO HOT WHEN THEY’RE IN THEIR WORKING COTTON SHIRTS AND HAVE THE SLEEVES ROLLED UP TO THEIR ELBOWS. I COULD DIE!!) and thick-rimmed glasses. He looked like a Tommy Boy. He might as well be ‘cos today I’m looking like Tommy Girl. If it wasn’t for the dripping cone, I’d SO take his picture heck I might even have went crazy and wrap my King Kong arms around his waist!! *giggle* Yes that is how pathetic I am. Had to peel myself off the glass before my drool dripped off my chin onto the see-through wall. *sigh*… when will boys like him come be my boyfriend?

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