Saturday, January 14, 2006


KAKAKA Guess what?!! Almost all of us have to repeat the written exam the other day. Miss RusRus, Ah Den and Miss HilHil escaped ‘cos well they are smartie-pants for starters but surprisingly Miss MuMu didn’t and Miss MuMu’s like vice-president of SMART club. It seems if we leave our answers blank it will cost us negative marks than filling in crap. Damn!! They should have told us that or I would’ve filled sheer rubbish in the blanks. Who knows I could’ve escaped the exam repeat. Reminder: KNOW THE EXAM REGULATIONS BEFORE COMMENCING. Still it should have been noted to us.


moi: HE GOT HIMSELF A GIRLFRIEND!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!!!!!!!!Miss KosKos: For real? Who is that skank? Hot or not? How u know?moi: BARUUUU I CHECK HIS SITE TIBATIBA HE CAKAP HE BUSY WIT PERSONAL LIFE THN I QUIKLY CHECK FRIENDSTR N HE IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!Miss KosKos: Got pic or not? Don’t worry lah. She probably ugly. Nyways haven’t married yet. Still got chance to sabotage it. I’ll I think if she hot I more chance cos if she’s a hag she sure cengkam him properly 1 n it also means he genuinely likes her which is achtung. Eh Miss YasaYasa got bf (gossip baru). Miss MasMas ask wat u doin at home? We all tgh rokok nongkrong discussg my pathetic life. She says she nk go 2 ur mamat’s concert since it’s her turn for hols
Come to think of it I’m not THAT upset. I was just being a drama queen. Besides, I didn’t do ANYTHING substantial enough to feel defeated. This admiring for afar is really stupid and I don’t know why I bloody bothered. The only person who is probably going to be highly disappointed is Dddy. Mr Semangka was sorta like his golden boy ‘cos he’s so ALL THAT. Dddy never took notice of boys (or rather the lack of it) in my life but he definitely took note of Mr Semangka. Dddy seems to think I have a shot at this and actually encourages me to LOSE WEIGHT so that I can BAG (LHIAM) HIM. KAKAKA I love that old man!! Once in awhile Dddy would pop his name out at the dinner table and ask how Mr Semangka is. I tried explaining to Dddy a trillion times that he is NOT a friend. He is, however, an acquaintance but I doubt he could even remember my name. Then Dddy gets all, “Don’t worry. Take your time.” Like I said, I love that old man!! *sigh* Next thing you know, Mr Semangka gets all married and sh*t. WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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