Sunday, January 22, 2006


I thought I could almost escape the back-to-Indon blues but apparently I was mistaken. My chest weighs a ton… the usual-lah. *sigh* When will this ever get old?
When I think of it, shouldn’t have met up with Ah Yung. See, aiii shouldn’t meet up with anyone!! I figured I’d take Ah Marc’s advice and break out of this nutshell of mine and celebrate my existence. Meeting people always results in negative repercussions: must ALWAYS remember this!! When I meet people and have a delightful time it makes it more difficult to leave the country [g*d knows what a wreck I’d be if I had to leave a boyfriend behind when I’m already such a state despite the current ones just being mere acquaintances]. This is probably one of the core reasons I don’t tell people I’m home. Don’t tell people = don’t meet = don’t have fun = don’t get no negative repercussion. ON THE OTHER HAND, when I don’t meet people it means I’d be passing up a chance to SOCIALISE inadvertently delaying the likelihood of me meeting my MR DARCY. It’s a no-win situation. LOSE-LOSE.

Though I can’t deny I had a pleasant time exploring the The Yung Kingdom. Wahhh too bad it was all late and stuff so he couldn’t really allow me to potter about as much as I wanted to. Bet Miss Sophiekins would think she’d died and gone to book-heaven!! It’s like a mini castle and she LOVES castles!! There are SO many things I wanna do and see there… like feed the fish [but he says feeding time happens only in the mornings and they wouldn’t touch food any other time. How LAME. I will aspire to go mornings then], take picture of that yellow silk robe hung out near the hall [heck if got chance, try to de-nail it and PUT IT ON!!], bang on the drums [I really do do a mean blues-tempo], uhhh… check out their cool kitchen utensils [forgot to take picture of that ‘I’m a genius’ mug which is H-H-HOT], bounce on his bed, skip around the new room, squiggle my toes into the fur carpets [spooky but comfy] and more but I can’t recall what else.

Meeting Ah Yung for the first time wasn’t as WEIrd-out as I figured it would be. It still was but the awkwardness was tolerable. In fact I had a delightful time. Reminds me how pleasant having company can be. I’ve actually came home twice and not tell anyone… how I admire my discretion. OK-lah not really, I did tell Ah Choy the first time but that was only ‘cos he was in Pattaya and I KNEW he wasn’t gonna return home anytime soon. Miss PalnaPalna found out though… I suspect it’s ‘cos someone at S*bucks might have reported to her that I dropped by for a raspberry tea frappucino fix. Damn. I really thought I covered the bases well. I’ve gotten real good at doing 180 degrees scanning for familiar faces and finding for absolutely inconspicuous spots where nobody would be able to spot me so much so that it now comes naturally to me… not a very healthy behaviour but oh well.
(conversation)Ah Yung: You’re shorter than I thought.
moi: YOU’re shorter than I thought [Chewah banyak cakap!! You ain’t no freaking beanstalk either OK!]
Anywayyy we hung out for abit in some random mamak yabbering about sheer crap and analysing the whole Mr Semangka circumstance. I had a feeling he might have known the latter. I mean 1979, Taylor’s College… the world is THAT small mah. I KNOW this for a fact ‘cos somehow everyone I know seem to have some funny link to him. Creepy!!

(conversation)moi: So you haven’t told me how come you know Miss JlimJlim.Ah Yung: She’s dating my girlfriend’s scholarship batch mate.
moi: What type of scholarship?Ah Yung: Mara?? WAHHH your girlfriend must be f*ck-ass smart to get a Mara scholarship. [Dddy once told me that it is highly unusual but non-Malays do get Mara scholarships as well if their results are like… um… monumental!!]
Ah Yung: She’s bumi GASP. You’re dating a bumi ah?!! [OMG I totally cringe when I replay this conversation in my head. What’s with the gasp? Not only that, I gasped out ALOUD. I mean like get a grip!! *shake head shake head* I must learn how to react more like a Jane Austen character]Ah Yung: 2nd degree bumi.
moi: [what the heck is a 2nd degree bumi?? I also really should read the papers more often] WAHHH like this you buy house sure damn cheap one. [another verbal Kodak moment. I cannot believe I just said that. Really]
This is the reason why people choose to not talk to me. My verbal diarrhoea. I just let whatever that runs through my poor excuse of a brain to my tongue. I really must choose to let thoughts simmer awhile before opting to articulate them.

(msn)moi says: i bet you'd LOVE ah yung's hse
moi says: his father painted a replica of girl with pearl earring and it really rocks!!

Sophiekins says: fuyoo....
Sophiekins says: His father paints?
Sophiekins says: Funky ass...

moi says: yahhh i really have to bring u on excursion there if ever got chance
Sophiekins says: Yayy!!!!
Sophiekins says: A lot of books and antiques or wat?
moi says: but see if he allow
moi says: YAAAAAAAAAAH it's like a freaking chinaman version of english castle

Sophiekins says: GASP
Sophiekins says: *want to go*

moi says: i knowwww. u cannot imagine how much i had to beg him just to have a quick-see ok Sophiekins says: Hohoh! I'd like a painting of myself in the version of girl with a pearl says: at first when i saw i knew it was a replica but i figured his father might have upah some painter to do it in which case the painter kinda faulted up at the eyes bit
moi says: but ternyata later he told me it was his father who painted IT which is like u said fuyoooo. then like that means keng chow lah
moi says:
Sophiekins says: The Room with a view book is good
Sophiekins says: U shuld take a look it's in my room I think
Sophiekins says: Hah!! I knew Dorian Gray would be on the list!!
Sophiekins says: The Pearl is not bad...
moi says: ya i'm so illiterate. i've read like a handful of them only. i cant even quote anything. and he keeps rubbing it says: so shadduplah u all STUPID book f*cking worms
Sophiekins says: says: remember ddy wanted to make spiral staircase that leads up to like some attic which cud be one of our rooms in the old hse
moi says: HE HAS IT!!
Sophiekins says: Oh dat says: its his room sum more!!Sophiekins says: I rmbr how we went thru the whole phase of renovating the old hse
Sophiekins says: Dat was quite funny...
moi says: LOTSA OF BOOKS lying arounSophiekins says: says: lotsa music instruments also
moi says: lotsa lotsa everything
moi says: actually i think i will meet him for as many rooms available in his hse
moi says: so everytime i meet him i explore one room and take pics of things i like bout the room
moi says: have to see if my kawanship with ah yung can last that long or not
moi says: enough for me to check out his entire house
Sophiekins says: Heehehe
(msn)Ah Yeoh says: do you blog? [WHAT TH?!! This is ambush. I didn’t even see it coming]moi says: do you? [hehe I call it the EasterAhYung maneuver]
Ah Yeoh says: no..not yet...i think i want to though
moi says: use friendsterlahAh Yeoh says: but who will read itmoi says: alot of ppl i kno do it there
Ah Yeoh says: yea
moi says: u got go for english and writing classes like i suggested? [target off-radar. Operation successful]Ah Yeoh says:


yeahway said...

1) Would appreciate if my name is not used. It can be picked up by google and there goes the secrecy of your blog. You'd be suprise how many blogs i've found through key word/name searches

2) Agreed, there's a lot of junk in that house.

3) Just because I ain't tall doesn't make me blind. Neither does it hamper my powers of observation. You're still shorter than i expected.

4) If Sophie were to be painted in the style of "girl with a pearl earring", it would be more appropriately titled "Sophie with a pearl earring". And perhaps she can fantasize about it a la dorian gray style.

5) sshh... secret, i've not read all the books either.

6) Can i start charging for tours? Let's say about RM10.00 per room per person?

7) This Easter manuever you refer to.... Pray explain.... How does Jesus being staked then resurrected relate to this slaloming manuever?

shelbybaby said...

ah yung: bleh bleh bleh bleh pffffttt bleh!! :P

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