Tuesday, January 03, 2006

and i thought amandel was a name of a clothing-label

Today we’re stationed for observation in the recovery ward and OT (operation theatre). Followed this senior, Ah Nova-something [I just learned from Miss MasMas that Indons have this knack of naming their children according to the months they were born in: Octavian, Novirius, Deseria. KAKAKA] to go see a post-Laryngectomy patient. Standing there in front of the groaning old man, I didn’t really know what to do. I looked at Ah Nova-something. He looked as dumbfounded as I. Thank goodness for that. Using my brows, shoulders and pursed lips, I asked him, “So… uh… what now?” [I get really amazed by my ability to speak just by using the anatomy of my face] He then reaches for the guy’s wrist. Kekeke. We were on the same page… Intern 101: When stumped, take a pulse!!
As we headed back to ‘filing’…
Ah Nova-something: So, that’s how it goes.moi: What goes?Ah Nova-something: Post-op patient.moi: Yeah, what about it?Ah Nova-something: …moi: …
moi: What actually were we supposed to do?
[not testing him, just seriously confused]Ah Nova-something: Look at him. Talk to him.moi: He had a laryngectomy. He can’t talk.Ah Nova-something: Basically just check up on him… (I don’t know).moi: KAKAKAAh Nova-something: At least we looked at him. If we’re asked, we’ll just say he was checked on.moi: You did take a pulse.Ah Nova-something: Right on, so it’s settled: we ‘checked’ on him.
At about 09:30 everyone started shuffling towards the OT. You see how they are? They practically memorized the surgery sched. They, being my group, never cease to amaze me. I thrive in their passion for medicine. Thank goodness Miss RusRus reminded me a zillion times to bring my scrubs today. I followed the rest of them to the Surgery dept. There we had a choice between observing Tonsillectomy (3rd floor) or Rhinoplasty (2nd floor) procedures. I didn’t know what to do so just meekly hid behind Miss HilHil and watched them decide who goes where. In the end, Miss HilHil and Ah Fit opt for TE and since I didn’t really like Ah Hathir's company, followed the former group instead.

L-R: moi, Miss PetchiPetchi. To think we were once at world war with each other...
L-R: moi, Miss RenRen. To think we were once always at each other's throats.

Guess who I met?!! Miss PetchiPetchi and Miss RenRen!! *clappety-clap* They’re in Anesthesiology. Oh boy did the chatter begin. Somehow I was so excited to see them. I suppose absence does make the heart grow fonder. I learnt that loads of us were taking the January 15 flight home. NO WONDER the ticket was so freaking expensive. Miss PetchiPetchi started whining about her crappy time in Anesthesia but I told her to save it for later at the airport. It was NOT safe to b*tch in the hospital anyway. There are ears everywhere!!

The patient was a 15 year-old boy. At first the resident anaesthetist instructed Ah Fit to do an i.v. Ah Fit declined [we haven’t really done anything remotely i.v-esque so hence the terror]. There wasn’t anyone around yet so she attempted an i.v herself and failed (which goes to show residents fail at i.v too) and had to get a nurse to do it for her instead *snicker* The nurse was very kind, he pointed out stuff to look out for like the intubation process. I HATE it that I’m short. The moment everyone crowds around, I get no view but blobs of surgical caps bobbing about in front of me. Bloody f*ck. As they started to gas the boy, he started shaking somewhat. I asked Miss PetchiPetchi if this was normal and she said she hasn’t seen anyone shake like that usually. Then something caught my eye: a tent forming at his crotch. Maybe it’s me but I swear the boy had a hard-on :D He did-lah I’m sure!! Yet noone seemed to say anything about it so I figured it would be too juvenile of me to point it out. Perhaps he was shaking ‘cos of it. Does surgery turn boys on? I wouldn’t know.

The process was quick. Only 10 – 15 mins. It’s the anaesthesia part that takes awhile. Tonsillectomy is abit like umm… decapitating a chicken head with a metal loop. The resident made Miss HilHil write his report for her and then made me write 2. Bet it’s ‘cos I wasn’t male, hot or wearing a jilbab. *&$^%#$%$^&$#%^# I even missed the second tonsillectomy gara-gara the f*cking report writing.

P.S: Thank goodness I didn’t plump for rhinoplasty… Miss MuMu and Ah Hathir was in the OT for 3 bloody hours!! KAKAKA.

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