Thursday, December 29, 2005

sigh IX

F*CK. Someone just tried to open my door. F*ckin’ freaked me out!! It’s f*cking bloody midnight and if it was someone I know, the fella would’ve knocked… not open my damn f*cking door!! Thank goodness I always leave my key latched at the keyhole so that even if some f*cker tried to open the door with a key from the outside, he can’t. I contemplated checking to see who it might be but I decided against it. Today curiosity does not kill the cat. *sigh* This is why I just hate living in Indon student accommodation. Actually this is why I hate living in Indon period. *sigh* I thought the horror was over when I left Wisma Dara in the 2nd year but I stand corrected ‘cos it was pretty damn sh*t in Pondok Mulana too. No difference being in town-lah, the fear of thieving and that someone is peering through my window remains. Just worn-out with all the caution I have to take just to bathe or change or walk around my room in my knickers. *sigh* when sh*t like this happens, it just gets me all riled up. I hope the f*cker gets shingles!!

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