Monday, December 19, 2005

neighbours and family = food

Was a little surprised that Mmmy hadn’t tag along to come fetch me at the airport ‘cos she usually gets excited when any of her brats came home. Turns out, Dr Chew and his wife Jacqueline (neighbour and now family dentist) had invited the family to a party at Tasty Tasty, Damansara Utama to celebrate the birth of their newborn son. I was looking forward to a quiet unpacking session at home and maybe go see what’s up with MNG but instead I’ve got to put on my happy face for this public event. I’ve always loved parties but ever since Dddy decided I was better off away from the public view (‘cos of the hush-hush incident), I have since developed an inferiority complex and have not been able to shrug off even though I tried. Mmmy had saved us both a place and I was slightly abashed that Dr C went and declared loudly that the “medical student is here”. Ahh crap. People have high expectations of medical students and even though I enjoy the attention, I can’t help but cringe at all these people thinking I’m some genius whatsoever. The old couple seated beside us helped Mmmy save some food for Dddy and I. Such a sweet couple they are but my oh my did they have a million questions about Indon. Yes, it’s dangerous there. No, I’m not in my housemanship years yet. Yes, I have to converse in Bahasa Indonesia and I even have to start learning up on my Sundanese dialect. No, it’s NOT cheap to study there [especially with my sort of lifestyle *giggle*]. Yes, the environment is pretty crappy. Yes No No Yes… couldn’t even bloody eat in peace. Weird that our family is the only one from our neighbourhood present. Dr Chew must be really exclusive when it comes to picking acquaintances and associates. Guess he left Syl-ly and that insurance lady’s families outta the list… sure goes to show how highly he feels about them. KAKAKA.

They named the baby ASHTON!! I gave him that name (they wanted an ‘A’ name and their daughter was already Ashley)!! Yeayyy for me :D Well it wasn’t that difficult and I knew they would have picked my name after all ‘cos I’m such a great name-picker (after Dddy that is; he named my entire generation: Sbaby Sophiekins Stefano Stefani Stefan Shaun [Mmmy was so sad to see her ‘boy’ name go] Shapiro Scalfero). Besides look at Ashton Kutcher, he had a Masters in Biochemical Engineering whatnot before emerging as one of the most famous actor / prankster of all time!! He’s SO HOT too. It’s all in the name babydoll!! So it’s pretty obvious how come we’re such VIPs *giggle again* I love feeling like a celeb. That and being so fashionably late. Am I just the most perfect DIVA no? Mmmy was astonished at how dressed up I was ‘cos usually I’d just be all dowdy and haggard: who the f*ck cares since it’s not my lover picking me up from the terminal?! I even had my 2 pigtails dressed up in orchids. I KNOW?!! I can’t believe I bothered to dandan in the morning. Anyway she was all relieved that I did or she would’ve made Dddy turn around and have me change into something more decent.

Wahhh there’s this red bean egg dumpling that almost killed me!! Damn the sedap OK!! Jacqueline says she came to Tasty Tasty almost everyday when she was pregnant with Ashton. I know I bloody would too. Too bad everyone felt the same or I would have sapu every of that yellow buns clean.
The Lee family was over at our house. Crap. There goes more of my ME time. They’re here to shop for some new stuff at IKEA with their new home in Kota Bharu, Kelantan (yes I’m anak Kelate, F*CK you) almost done with. Can’t believe how much the cousins have grown. Poor Ah Shaun, he only got 3As 1B and 1C in his UPSR. I know how much it must suck to be him. What’s worse I feel like he has NO PERSONALITY. Perhaps he’s suffering from what Sophiekins and I would call The BooTuKwan Syndrome. I am trying to help him inculcate a personal interest in music. Everyone needs to like something at least a little passionately in life or else… they’re just doomed to freakin’ boredom. I know I fiercely believe so ‘cos I am a passionate person and even though sometimes I don’t understand how someone could be passionate about say… iguanas or carpets but just listening to them rave about what they love gets me all tingly and excited. I love being around passionate people and it’s something I adore about Mr Semangka. And noone in the S-generation is going to be some NO-PERSONALITY weirdo. Weirdo OK but weirdo WITH PERSONALITY and nothing lesser. Sophiekins has absolutely profound passion. Listen to her chatter on about her angmoh friends and English castles or Burberry’s fall line as well as her Parisian Shakespeare & Co endeavors and you’ll be left but nothing but absolute ardor. Both of us have agreed that we have Dddy to thank for. He has never suppressed our hobbies, in fact he encourages us to have interests [as long as in doesn’t come in the way of his education plans *wink*]. Definitely a better way of being brought up than any of our relatives. I know Ah Shaun is quite fond of me ‘cos I invite him into conversations and try to get him stirred up. Looking at how he is, he probably doesn’t have many friends with his tuition schedule round the clock… and his English OMG his English is abysmal!! You’d think with Uncle Lee being an ex-English teacher and all, he would have at least ensured his children be able to converse in English. All his children had trouble communicating with me. Ah Shapiro seems to just rattle intelligibly and as for little Ah Scalfero I did not understand his need to run to his mother or whisper to Ah Shapiro in Mandarin in order for them to translate it all to crap English for me when he could just try telling it to me himself. Thus I made a rule that whoever wants to tell me something they had to do it so in English however rubbish the grammar or long it took or I wouldn’t reply. No going through middle person!! Ah Scalfero is actually quite matured beyond his age maybe because of his exposure due to his duo elder siblings. I was rendered speechless when he yelled out, in English of course, “Give him a chance!!” when Dddy didn’t allow Ah Shapiro to handle something I can’t remember. They love it when I ask them cartoon trivia although you should have seen their faces when I asked them about Thunder Cats. MAN I can’t be THAT old that Thunder Cats is actually RETRO!! They don’t know what Thunder Cats are. Or Ultraman. What th..?!! Damn Cartoon Network.

The Kho - Lee family excursion to Petaling Street:

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