Monday, December 26, 2005


Have a million pending backdated sh*t to upload but in Sophie’s wise words: “couldn’t be damn arsed” to do it yet. Maybe I’ll get it done once I’m back in Boredom Bandung. SO right now I’m half typing and half packing – the latter is my absolute least favourite thing to do. As usual I’m my miserable schmuck self though perhaps a tad lighter this trip ‘cos kinda excited with Sophie home, bringing with her my Anya Hindmarch Be-A-Bag (need to get a proper time to get it’s picture posted) and the fact Dddy bought me this absolutely great Vuitton Globe Shopper making me even more indebted to him to pass my exams than ever!! It’s such a beauty. Should get a picture posted up too.

Should start on the wheeling hand-carry. UGH I absolutely detest packing.

I NEED to watch this Grey’s Anatomy the world is raving about. And I haven’t even watched an episode of House. CRAP *SS!!

Hate packing hate packing hate packing.
Bloody Mamee [I think it’s absolutely hilarious Miss RusRus calls it Mamee Monster] and Twisties packs taking up my entire bag. Thank goodness I decided to forego the Secret Recipe Tom Yam pastry as ‘souvenirs’ for my group members. Goodness knows how I was gonna have to lug it there.

T’was a fairly reasonable X’mas eve. It started out with Sophiekins and I snuggling up into the parent’s bed, having the entire family cramped up in a queen-size for half-an-hour [I told Mmmy they should have gotten a King!!] where we yakked and yakked ‘bout random stuff all morning till Dddy couldn’t tahan with all the noise and made us go get ready for breakfast. We had bak kut teh in SS3 (Chow Sang’s brother Yiew Sang (??)) ‘cos Sophiekins’s a bak kut teh freak!! Then we went over to 1Utama to get some grocery shopping done. I stocked up on soup paste and green tea. Later in the afternoon I ajak Mmmy and Sophiekins to go jalan-jalan at The Curve: I’m a Curve-aholic. Showed Sophiekins one of my absolute favourite haunts: Tango Mango :) Sophiekins decided to go get a hair trim at Peek-A-Boo since Ah Gibson could slot her in and I went over to Rock Corner to see if Jay Chou’s November’s Chopin 11 album has been restocked: not yet. I have developed a deep penchant for Jay Chou recently. I had been searching for this song he sang during an MTV concert in aid of the Thai tsunami victims. He played it on the piano and it must have been something real good ‘cos even the Thai girls could mouth the lyrics. Because of my limited Chinese vocabulary and the fact I could not hum the tune of the song since I only heard it once, I resorted to Ah Shaun (this happened prior, while he was still around). My description was: the song was popular around the aid-tsunami period which is probably around Jan/Feb '05, he plays it on the piano and girls love it. KAKAKA. Ah Shaun thought I was some kind of a madhatter. Nevertheless he called a couple of friends up and it was supposedly this album. His friend thought I had meant Track 1 (which is SUPERB) but in the end I realized it was actually Track 3 that I was looking for. Yeay!! Anyway I found a copy in Borders. Yeay again!! While waiting for Sophiekins, Mmmy and I had carrot-orange juice at Kim Gary. Kim Gary makes the best carrot-orange juice. I have yet to find another spot that can top Kim Gary. I have converted Mmmy and now she can’t get enough!! Mmmy believes it’s the composition ratio between orange and carrot that Kim Gary has finely perfected. Whatever-lah, pokoknya it’s YUM!!

Bought Sophiekins a box-set of the Phillip Pullman trilogy for XmaS. Given that Ah Yung has asked me to read it twice on separate occasions must make it a very worthy read… *snicker* this way, I get to kill two birds with one stone. Get Sophiekins a good gift AND get a chance to read it later. God knows when I’ll ever get the time to read stuff other than the med crap that piles on everY second. Sometimes it takes me literally a month to read up my monthly Vogue and Glamour. And those are just magazines!! There goes my intellect-lah.
AT night, Dddy brings us to this Japanese restaurant Momotalo in Hartamas [Sophie threw a fit since we went to one previously mere days after she left for Liverpool even though Dddy had promised to bring her to one before]. It’s a Japanese BBQ and I was a little peeved that he brought us to a BBQ-sort of restaurant ‘cos I don’t really fancy those sort of foodstuff: Korean BBQ, Mongolian BBQ… but it turned out to be alright really. Wish he’d brought us to a regular Jap place but nonetheless we had big fun in Momotalo.

As we all know, I tend to behave badly or cry endlessly prior before returning. Therefore I decided to go straight to bed after Momotalo before I spat even more rage towards the parental units. It sucks even more that the visa thing is unsettled and the fact that since this is so, my intention of going to see Ah Choy in Pattaya later next month is ruined. Was kinda looking forward to a break in a beach. Too bad for me. Life can so suck sometimes.

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