Friday, December 09, 2005

i want to watch harry potter!!

I got my period today, which explains my urge to oversleep these couple of days. I mean, last night I slept, like, 10 freakin’ hours!! M*ther of ass!! I’m absolutely falling back on my Dentistry studies. Damn it. Tonight I’m gonna have to start working back into my previous ‘new’ routine. I’ve been such a good girl for 3 weeks, would be such a waste to turn back into my old lazy self. Can you imagine that apart from time in the hospital, I actually CAN study for 9 hours straight?? I am absolutely in awe of myself. And I sleep probably 3 hours a day. It’s not doing anything good to my eye bags but hopefully it’ll do SOMETHING to my grades. I really am determining on passing every department. Hung out with Miss MasMas abit yesterday. Exchanged horror department stories. Hers of course much more chee-khek than mine since she’s in Obstetrics & Gynecology. She’s experienced spontaneous deliveries, assisted in a C-section operation, observed a resuscitation of a distressed baby etc…

I can’t believe the Bridget Jones moment I had the other day at Starbucks. I was just minding my own bloody damn business, waiting in line to get my raspberry frappucino (I don’t drink coffee) so that I can get on with my weekly internet chores when the girl at the counter goes, “I see you always come alone.” WHAT THE F*CK?! I suppose she was just trying to make conversation and her crappy English probably translated some friendly Indon statement into an absolute saddo remark but there and then… I reflected and realized that with everyone being so caught up in their own schedule, I am pretty much by myself ALOT. Don’t know if it’s pathetic or liberating but I’m so used to being *gasp* alone that when annotations like this comes my way it’s so easy to shrug it off. I don’t even have time to think about boys. Me. No time to think bout boys. What th..?!! I KNOW!!

Speaking of boys, I forgot to report a conversation I had with Mr Semangka which got Miss MasMas absolutely excited. Somehow, I’m not that keen. I don’t know. I mean I would have been last year (wah… my crush has lasted over a year) but now I’m just deaden.

mr semangka says
: hehe there were worse things than that over there
mr semangka says: i had an exeprience but i think i better not tell now
mr semangka says: come bck to malaysia then can cerita la [whoah, did he just suggest he wanted to meet me?]
mr semangka says: hehe

Actually I was home when that conversation took place. I just didn’t have the guts to suggest a meet up. Yeah, blame it on my lack of self-confidence. I always think that if I could just have 2 more months to drop 10 kg (sheesh, like that would ever happen?!) something magical could happen. As we all know it, I never can drop 10 kg in any form of time hence my loveless life. Everyone thinks I’m throwing opportunities flying my way but if I meet him now, I’d just be another FAT fan who wants to know the world about him. He would never remember me. I’d be just a fleeting personality to him. That’s even sadder than never meeting him.

I can’t believe that I have not watched Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire. I can’t believe I have no time to slip it into my schedule. I can’t believe I’d rather study THAN watch Harry Potter.

I took this supposed Tibetian Dalai Lama test which happens to be those random tests I once took back in those teenage IRC days and found that much has changed about myself.

The chronology of what I deem important in my life now:
Career, Money, Love, Pride, Family. [I cannot believe I actually think my career is so important. I suppose it affects me more than I know it. I always thought all that dance on my mind are BOYS and SHOPPING. I must be growing up]

1 word to describe what I think of:
My personality: Loved
My partner’s personality: Bizarre
My enemy: Scary
Sex: Overrated
My own life: Restless

Someone I:
Will never forget: SunshineP
Consider a true friend: Ah Choy
Really love: Myself
Feel is my twin soul: [I left it blank ‘cos I couldn’t place a person in the white category]
Will remember the rest of my life: Mr Semangka [funny]

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