Friday, December 23, 2005

family stuff

My room is a warzone filled with prior holiday purchases and TOO MUCH clothes. Dddy has issued restraining order against my shopping ‘cos he found some clothes with price tags still attached to the label strewn (it really wasn’t strewn, it was more of clumsily placed) around my umm… floor. I did mean to clear them up, just that every time I attempt to do so something comes up and it gets put on hold. Hence the typhoon-like aftermath.

Dread going to the Indon embassy tomorrow. Guess I’ll do the 1-year visa the next trip I’m back… what a waste of RMs having to do a 2-month visa right now. I don’t understand how come we’ve got to make an entirely new Kittas even though we renew the current one every year!! On top of that, in order to renew a renewed Kittas, I’ve got to go through the whole 1-year visa shit all over again. To make matters worse, since Ah Kartik couldn’t get the papers from Jakarta faxed over in time, I had to do a 2-month visa in the meantime and later a 1-year visa the next time I’m back. Subsequently make a new Kittas and renew it the next year!! It’s a nonsensical system which makes absolutely bollocks sense. I had seriously a crappy time at the embassy on Monday. It was just supposed to be this simple procedure where I waltz into the Visa department, hold out my passport, fill in a couple of forms perhaps and pay the fee. Voila! NOT. Instead, we accidentally waltzed into the wrong side of the embassy (the local citizen arena which explains the rivers of TKI = Tenaga Kerja Indonesia hanging out there). When we finally got to the right side of the embassy, that irritating lady at the Visa counter decides to go on an excessive power trip and insisted I can’t do my visa ‘cos I don’t have a letter of invitation from my university. OF COURSE I HAVEN’T GOT AN INVITATION LETTER!! I’VE BEEN STUDYING THERE 5 YEARS OF MY LIFE!! She could have glanced at all the pages filled with ERP / MERP (Exit Reentry Permit / Multimple Entry Reexit Permit… yes we have to apply and PAY just to get out of the country :P). It doesn’t take a genius to know that nobody really wants to con their way in. Oh well. So she sends me off to Bahagian Pendidikan where this Pak tells me to produce a student card. Since Ah Kartik told me I needn’t bring anything besides my passport and myself for the visa, I had to go home to PJ to get my damn student card. Sigh. I return after lunch and that same Pak wasn’t there. Another Ibu decided to exercise some ‘authority’ and instructed me to go photocopy this and photocopy that which I really knew wasn’t that entirely necessary. There I go jumping into the lift yet again :P After arriving at the ground floor, I decided to show the Ibu my imaginary middle finger and clicked: 3rd floor again. So right back up I go. Not giving a damn hoot about that lady, I parked my butt on the chair and decided to wait the Pak out. Although he never came back from lunch, his colleague was there and sorted things out pronto. I had to put on my charm though, but it was worth it. Had to enrapture the visa counter lady (different one) too. Should be able to pick it up this evening. Pray no problem then.

The Lee cousins just went home today. Phew. So this is probably an infinitesimal idea of how it would’ve been like to have 3 younger brothers. Sounds of Hot Wheels zipping in the platform and crashing onto the floor, have someone scream Batman(!!) in your ear ever so often, have your Astro channel permanently on Cartoon Network, getting invited into a discussion of who has the best power on Sky High, the call of Cher-cher every minute of the day to ask you Why-questions: i.e. “Cher, why-ah the dinosaur fight with King Kong?” And being demanded, with a trillion “Please Cher-cher”s, to fixing their set of Hot Wheels Acceleracers Swamp Beast. In the end, when I thought I was done, I was left absolutely befuddled with an extra red plastic piece. It didn’t have an alphabet and didn’t seem to belong anywhere in the instructions so I just stuck it under the Swamp Beast (!!). I quite like it when the cars fly over the gap between the lanes… the whole dynamics of them staying in route despite the sharp turns… kinda cool really!! It was their first Hot Wheels play-set so I can imagine their excitement. One of the cars they bought was a Shelby :D [kindly note: Gone in 60 Seconds]. It’s kinda ugly actually but Ah Shaun says it has a lot of CCs. OK then.

The visa collection went smoothly. No problem there. Must be the lucky charm of my uggs. I really don’t know why my friends loathe it that much. I’m restricted from wearing it when I’m out of them.

My infamous uggs. I like to think they're highly under-appreciated.

Dddy gave a us a choice between KLCC or Starhill to kill some time before Sophiekins arrives at 16:30. the vote was uninanimous: Starhill!! WAHHH I really like what Starhill has sorta done to revamp their image. Can’t wait when the boutiques move out front. Vuitton Globe Shopper Cabas is here!! Oh they’re just so so HOTTT!! May I one day earn enough money to actually be able to do a day’s shopping in this place :) Syadu Syadu Syadu. I cannot believe the parents bought me the Globe Shopper. I didn’t even beg for it. Maybe I should have just said no. But how can I say no to a Vuitton? I mean they offered to buy me one. Cost a damn bomb. I feel a little bad but definitely not bad enough. I know why they’re doing this. It’s to silence all my hype of wanting to apply for a course in textile manufacturing [there is such a course ‘cos I just found out this girl I used to study with in Sedaya College is currently taking this subject up in New York] after I get my M.D. The only person I’ve actually told this to is Ah Lau. He understands the most. Everyone just thinks I’m a moron including Miss WongWong (bless her!!). I really should write about that day the both of ‘em decided to set me up with Sir Ginger-Y and went to the extent of child-locking me in the car so that I wouldn’t escape. I’m so pleased they’re getting married on the 26th. I love them both very much.

This couch is h-h-hottt!!

This couch colour is h-h-hotter!!

OMG. I cannot believe Mmmy got THAT excited and got the dates all wrong. Sophiekins’s due to arrive TOMORROW not today. And there I was standing at the stupid terminal staring into the arrival screens and no flights from Manchester, just London. After the run-around enquiries, yah it’s tomorrow *rolling my eyes*. Although there was this small crowd gathering at the arrival exit as I was waiting for Sophiekins. Seems like a Chinese celebrity and when he got close I believe he looked abit like Richie Ren. Must be Richie Ren. I would have thrown myself at him if he was Jay Chou. But he’s not so I just took a measly picture with my Dopod.

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