Friday, November 25, 2005

rain rain go away


F*cking crap. I came to BEC 2 buy a flashdrive ‘cos Sophiekins took my I-disk Tiny. She lost the mini MyFlash I gave her. I wanted to get the 512mb LG which was so miniscule, sleek and shiny but… 500,000rp is beyond my budget. Got the 256mb SuperDrive instead for 215,000rp. Also had to stock up on ink. Have to do a case report on Glaucoma today. Now suddenly outta nowhere the sky decided to rain cats and dogs. Damn kau crap. Real lucky my Dopod has got wifi so I can access to free hotspot net while waiting for the weather to calm down. And I picked today to wear my nice sandals... Damn.
Haven't had much time to write about things that really matter to me like Paris Fashion Week '05, my fellow intern colleagues who I have grown to love (most of them anyways), my thoughts on my 1st dept and my struggling effort to lose 5kg (or at least significant amount of weight that this Burberry pants I bought would fit me casually on the hips) by December. Speaking of which I got them on an absolute deal!! Could’ve kissed myself if I could.

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