Wednesday, November 30, 2005

lovely lychees

Everytime I come home and we drive by a pasar malam I'd go: "Mmmy when the heck you gonna buy me my lychees?" She always says she'd remember but she never does. And when we're in some overpriced grocery store and I spot a bush o 'em just waiting to be selected and bought, she'd halt me and promise to get me really succulent and fresh ones from... yea you guessed it... pasar malam. Weeks'll go by and still no signs of juicy reds in the refridgerator. SO when I spotted a bunch of drabby lychees packed in a styrofoam plate hanging about the Bandung fruit corner, I figured I might as well have crappy ones than none at all. They were NOT sweet, NOT fresh (some were mouldy) and NOT even red but I enjoyed myself immensely. I love 'em even if they're crappy.


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